Amazing Things You Didn't Know You Can Make with Felt

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015

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When you think of felt, what comes to mind? A fuzzy craft material? Probably, but felt doesn't have to look like felt after all. What if we told you that you could make dishes and vegetable gardens with felt? Felt is far from ordinary with these DIY projects. Also, don't forget to check out the Felt Crafts category in the Craftys, sponsored by our friends at The Felt Store. Now, for the most-felted fun around...DIY felt projects!

Felt Project Educational Vegetable Garden
What a cool, crafty way to learn! Craftys nominee LittleFruits brings an educational angle to felting with this felt vegetable garden. With a white picket fence and a variety of vegetables, this learning tool allows children to pull the vegetables out of the felt dirt and get a hands-on experience with a makeshift garden. Check out the other cool felt products by LittleFruits, and vote for this gorgeous garden in the Craftys this year.
Felt Project Stitch Dish
Etsy shop rosepinkStudio
For a project that's original and functional, try making your own felt stitch bowl via a PDF tutorial, purchasable from Etsy shop rosepinkStudio. This PDF tutorial shows you the different stitching and felting techniques essential to making your bowl, but just can use these invaluable skills for other felt projects in the future because once you start felting you just can't stop.
Felt Project Geometric Pillow
Elsie Larson
For a vibrant and graphic pillow that looks like it just came off the shelf, this geometric wool felt pillow brings the handmade delight of a craft without the mass-produced quality of a retail product. By cutting felt squares into four separate triangles, you can piece together a lovely mosaic that complements your decor. Choose your favorite colors and see where your creativity takes you.
Felt Project Sweater Scarf Embellishment
Looking to revamp an old sweater or cardigan? Or, trying to find the perfect scarf to add to your wardrobe? This wool felt leaf scarf adds personality to an old sweater and to an entire wardrobe. Who knew a chain of 3-inch felt leaves could transform your whole look? This DIY scarf looks perfect in the leafy fall and keeps you chic but warm in the blustery winter.
Felt Project Wookie
Helen Greenstein
Craftys nominee Helen Greenstein of Eleni Creative shows us her felt skills with her Bad Wookie doll. Standing at a foot tall, this wookie features strategically-layered, hand-cut felt fur and is hand-stitched with all of the love of the Force. Vote for this felt masterpiece over at the Craftys, in a galaxy not so far away.
Felt Project Felted Bead Necklace
After learning how to make felt balls via an embedded video tutorial, you can turn the balls into beads for a modern and minimalistic felted bead necklace. Just thread the felt beads together in your preferred configuration for a piece as unique and striking as your style. This necklace would also make a great DIY gift.

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