Crafty Tailgate Party Ideas

Posted by on May 31, 2014

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Baseball season is finally here, and so is the lovely spring weather! Now that it’s nicer outside, you might be thinking about having some friends over for a tailgate party. Or maybe you’re headed to the stadium to have a real, authentic tailgating party there. Either way, if you want to add your own flair, here are some crafty ideas that you can use for your tailgate party!

Chip and dip referee signs
Chip & Dip Station

Chips and dips are the staple of any tailgating party, and this DIY chip & dip station is the perfect organizer for your party snacks. Just grab some plastic food storage containers and create these adorable referee shirt signs so folks know what they’re eating.
For more information on this crafty tailgate party idea, visit Dukes & Duchesses.
Astroturf beer can cozies
Astroturf Cozies

To have enough can cozies to go around for all your party guests, it might cost you more than you’d like. Instead, make your own cozies with some artificial turf that give the perfect sporty feel to your party.
For more information, visit Uncommon Designs.
Cupcakes pennant toppers
Cupcake Team Toppers

These super easy, flag-shaped cupcake toppers are made from felt and toothpicks, and they can be tailored to cheer on any team that you’re rooting for!
For more information on this crafty tailgate project, visit Confetti Sunshine.
Wooden tailgating caddy
Tailgating Caddy

This crafty tailgating project is perfect if you need a way to transport all those tasty snacks and drinks. Try your hand at some woodworking and make your very own treat caddy!
For more information, visit That’s What Che Said.
Glasses made to look like footballs
Gameday Glasses

Some drink glasses can easily be made into a cute football or baseball design. To make these glasses into baseballs, simply use red tape and change up the design.
For more information, visit The Chic Party.
Decorated milk crates
Organizing Your Party

With all those snacks and people around, it can be easy to get a bit frazzled. Stay organized and on top of things with this crafty tailgate idea — upcycled wooden crates to carry around all your gameday goodies!
For more information, visit The Tailgatist.

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