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Posted by on Sep 20, 2011

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Not every comics fan has a taste for the mainstream, which can be charming ... until it's time to celebrate their birthday. While you might be able to find Thor, Spiderman and Captain America at your local party store, you definitely won't be able to find such august figures as Deadpool. And what if that fan also likes 101 Dalmatians? Well, then, you have the ingredients for a custom craft explosion. Here's how to make your own party decorations to fit any theme thrown at you.

How to make your own cake topper
Chris Barnes
Custom Cake Topper

Cake toppers are the most underrated party decoration. When was the last time you saw one at a non-wedding event? Bring them back for birthdays, work parties or any given Tuesday. To make your own, just arrange action figures or ornaments atop the cake.
How to create your own card
Chris Barnes
Custom Card

Did the card aisle let you down again? Break free of prepackaged sentiments by creating your own card. Simply scan the cover and print onto glossy paper (which will look a little more professional than matte paper), fold and sign. Done.
How to make your own wrapping paper
Chris Barnes
Wrapping Paper Revamped

We didn't care for a few of these images either, but hey, it's a birthday. This custom wrapping paper is yours with a few quick moves: Either scan a few comic images or download a few from the 'net. Arrange the images in a blank Photoshop or Publisher document, then print on plain paper. Tape together to form sheets. Then, wrap away!

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  • by joseyb
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    I love using found paper for wrapping gifts. The Sunday paper comics section makes great wrapping.