6 Uncommonly Cool Ways to Decorate Your Flip Flops

Posted by on Jul 05, 2014

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For many of us, flip flops are a quintessential part of our summer uniform. After all, no other footwear offers comfort, affordability and a satisfying "thwap" with each step. Which is why I wish I had them in every shade and variety imaginable. Luckily, with a little DIY lovin' those plain flip flops can go from beach day backup to summer staple in no time.

Beaded DIY Flip Flops

These DIY flip flops repurpose the beads from a broken, tangled necklace with some strategic stitching. Utterly ingenious. Now I can finally put to use the shameful amount of knotted necklaces floating around my apartment.

DIY Sandals with Bows

It's always exciting to come across a DIY tutorial like this one, which recreates a luxury style on a bargain budget. These bow-adorned T-straps show just how far some ribbon and a little creativity can take you. Best of all, there are endless variations of this project to try out because of the wide selection of ribbon colors, widths and patterns. 

Fabric-covered DIY Flip Flops

Bored of those solid-colored, rubber soles? Glue a layer of patterned fabric on the top of your flip flops as shown in this tutorial. Not only will this DIY project add some flair to your flops, but it will mask the telltale dirty toe-marks of a seasoned sandal.

Strappy DIY Flip Flops

These DIY flip flops are a great reminder that reinvention does not necessarily mean overthinking; sometimes the simplest adjustments can make all the difference. Using an elastic band and a little hand-stitching, this pair of standard black flip flops went from bland to bold with their Grecian-inspired straps.

Doodled DIY Flip Flops

I adore this DIY project from Trinkets in Bloom. The set of BIC Metallic Permanent Markers she uses costs under $10 at Target, and any drawings in that lustrous ink will stand out against dark and light-soled flip flops alike.

Cloth DIY Flip Flops

Toe-crease blisters can be the sobering reality of flip flops, but these cleverly crafted DIY ones circumvent this issue by replacing the rubber straps with stretch fabric. Another great aspect of these DIY flip flops is that the strap materials can be any type of soft cloth: a patterned scarf, an old T-shirt, or even a fabric swatch from one of your long-abandoned — er, I mean, "in-progress" — DIY projects. Check out Down Home Inspiration's video tutorial below to see step by step how she made these awesome flip flops!

Down Home Inspiration DIY Sling Sandal Tutorial

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