Super Cute & Crafty DIY School Locker Ideas

Posted by on Jul 31, 2015

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We'll admit it: we looked forward to the first day of school. At least, we looked forward to decorating our lockers on that first day of school. In its small space, we could express ourselves through pencil organizers and photo collages. Admittedly, decorating a school locker has gotten a lot more fun these days. Get inspired for the school year with these creative ideas for decorating a school locker.

DIY Magnet, DIY Locker Decorations, Label Maker Magnets
Label Maker Word Magnets
Sometimes you've got to use magnets to express yourself — specifically these DIY label maker magnets. Go for funny, inspirational, or even thought-provoking... just don't let arranging word magnets make you late for third period.

DIY Crochet Bunting, Crocheted Mini Bunting, DIY Locker Crafts
Crocheted Mini Bunting
When it's festive decor you're after, there's usually bunting involved — so why not add some to your locker? This colorful mini crochet garland will liven up even a drab locker's interior. 

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

Spending time at your locker will seem a lot more fun when there's a DIY mini chalkboard on which to jot down due dates (or write silly messages!).

DIY Magnets, DIY Locker Crafts, Washi Tape Bow Magnet
Washi Tape Bow Magnet
Artfully hang photos and other mementos with these glittered Washi Tape bow magnets, perfect for decorating a school locker. Use one, two... or ten!

DIY Locker Chandelier

Add a touch of old world glamour to your locker without going baroque. Okay, we'll be serious — this creative DIY locker chandelier is made of cardboard from a shoe box, so it's incredibly budget-friendly. Decorate it with glitter, like this blogger did, or with fabric scraps, acrylic paint and more!

DIY Air Freshener, Mason Jar Crafts, DIY School Locker Ideas
Mason Jar Air Freshener
It may not be glamorous, but once the locker next to you houses a rotting banana for weeks on end, you'll thank us for recommending this DIY Mason jar air freshener. Scented with your favorite essential oil, this little guy will make sure your locker doesn't smell of rotten food or Axe body spray — and that's really all you can hope for. 

DIY Locker Message Board, Foam Core Message Board, DIY Locker Crafts
Foam Core Message Board
Made from an old picture frame and a piece of crafting foam, this DIY locker message board is great for pinning notes and pictures. To secure the board on the locker door, use either removable adhesive or attach a magnet to its backing.

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