DIY Vertical Gardens and Planters

Posted by on Oct 05, 2015

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These ideas for DIY vertical gardens are sure to inspire you to reach new heights of creativity, both indoors and out. Bring a wall, fence or window to life by transforming it into your personal oasis of greenery, a budget-friendly herb garden or a bevy of beautiful blooms. Enjoy having herbs and flowers on hand for immediate use and within easy reach.

Decorative plants can be grown in almost any container imaginable, provided the size of the pot and the soil/climate conditions are suitable. As growing plants can absorb nutrients as well as toxins from their containers, exercise caution when choosing your garden planters. Please take care when mounting your garden - make sure you attach it to a suitably strong surface, and remember that your new vertical nursery will be significantly heavier after watering.

DIY wooden pallet garden
wooden pallet garden is sure to introduce an element of rustic charm to any setting and makes a wonderful home for small vegetables such as lettuce.

DIY mason jar herb garden
Mason jars and fence posts transform in to this gorgeous vertical herb garden in almost no time at all.

Upcycled vintage dresser garden
For a chic vintage look, check out this upcycled dresser garden, a great planter for low-moisture succulents.

hanging basket garden
This charming hanging basket garden instantly livens up a blank wall - fill it with herbs, vegetables or flowers.

terra cotta pot vertical garden
This easy-to-make suspended garden in terra cotta pots is functional and portable for growing herbs and flowering plants.

upcycled Rain gutter planters
Give new life to mundane materials by building a cost-effective vertical rain gutter garden, which can house herbs, flowers and small vegetables.

vintage door shelves for potted plants
Adding shelves to a vintage door makes the perfect lean-to for potted plants. Set the shelves at different heights to accommodate a range of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

DIY mounted frame garden
Create this elegant framed garden bed with only a handful of materials - it's perfect for growing succulents that require minimal watering.

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