Duct Tape Crafts — Dresses, Wallets and More Projects

Posted by on Jan 10, 2012

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Duct tape isn't what you'd normally think of as a viable craft material. Though in recent years the Duck Brand company has come out with multiple colors of the sticky stuff, we still associate the tape with household repairs. But an article in the New York Times (no less) has introduced us to a small number of designers who are using it for dresses, accessories and more. We're definitely intrigued, so we took the liberty of rounding up 9 great projects all made with duct tape!

For a basic tutorial on making a skirt out of duct tape, check out the video above. Maybe, just maybe, you'll get a head start on creating a wedding dress like the one above.

duct tape crafts, make a duct tape dress form
DIY Dress Form

Let's face it: Dress forms are expensive. And a custom made-to-measure dress form? Even more expensive. But you can make your own version using little more than duct tape and a spare afternoon. 
For the full tutorial for creating a duct tape dress form, visit Threads.
how to make a duct tape purse
A Cute Clutch

It's fashionable (at least as much as duct tape can be), but the main selling point of this clutch purse is that it can stand up to daily abuse with nary a tear. And you won't have to worry about passing showers, because duct tape is waterproof. 
To learn how to make a duct tape purse, visit HGTV.
how to make a duct tape wallet
A Wacky Wallet

We've gone through too many wallets to count this year. For some reason, they just don't hold up as well as they used to, nor do they hold anything bigger than an artfully folded dollar. So, making your own is totally worth it, we think.
For a simple duct tape wallet tutorial, check out WikiHow.
how to make a duct tape pen holder
Pretty Pen

Though we don't normally look at a pen and go "Well, this needs to look better," a whimsical new decoration can't hurt. And it's a fun way to spend an hour. This DIY is made from, you guessed it, duct tape. Love the little flower.
To see how to make a flower-topped duct tape pen covering, visit Seven Sisters.
make a duct tape flower barrette
Floral Barrette 

Once you get the floral pen decoration down, make a few extra blooms to use for barrettes. Bright and cheerful.
For a more intricate duct tape flower tutorial, visit the Duck Brand website.
how to make a duct tape pouch
Handy Pouch

Useful and simple, this little pouch can hold anything from game consoles to pens. Really, all you have to do is make a square from layers of duct tape, then add a snap. 
For a basic tutorial on creating a duct tape pouch, visit YouTube.

how to make lady gaga shoes from duct tape
Gaga-Worthy Shoes

Remember those incredible shoes Lady Gaga wore in the Bad Romance video? Those ones that kind of looked like lobster claws. Though the originals were limited edition and cost a few thousand dollars, you can create your own version with some very unique materials.
To see the Lady Gaga shoe DIY, visit Trisha Weir's Flickr page. 
how to make a play computer from duct tape
A (Play) Computer

Kid won't stop trying to play with your MacBook? Then make your own little play version, which should entertain them for a few minutes (at least). But those few minutes will be very peaceful, we assure you. 
To read more about how to make your own duct tape play computer, visit Aesthetic Outburst.

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