Odd Things to Do With Yarn

Posted by on Oct 06, 2011

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Have you knit more scarves, sweaters and blankets than you can count? Shake up your routine with these odd yarn creations, sure to get people talking.

Apple Cozy 

Apples can take quite a beating at the hands of sodas, keys and the other random items in your bag. So, keep your fruit safe with a knit cozy. The pattern includes adaptations for your favorite apple varieties (including a bonus pear variation). You won’t have to deal with the disappointment of bruised fruit again, and your naked apples will thank you. 
Get the free knit fruit cozy from Vegan Lunchbox!

knit elvis wig
Knit Elvis Wig

For those diehard Elvis Presley fans who have tried unsuccessfully to style their hair in a perfect pompadour, have no fear. Now you can get the King’s look (sideburns and all) anytime you want with a wig designed by the folks at Sirdar. Made for the first North Yorkshire Elvis Bus Tour, the pattern is for an intermediate knitter and requires several balls of Sirdar yarn. The project can get pricey, true, but if it makes you look like Elvis, isn’t it all worth it?
Get the free knit Elvis wig from The Shed!
yarn knit parasol
Knit Parasol

It may not provide the best protection against the rain, but this knit parasol could come in handy on a sunny day. A soft, romantic color gives the holey umbrella a cool, vintage flavor. The pattern cautions against using automatic umbrellas for the frame as they might place too much stress on the yarn.
Get the free knit parasol pattern from Knitty!
yarn hug scarf
Knit Hug Scarf

There are times we could all use a great big hug, but when no one is around to pull you in, try this cheeky scarf instead. Use a soft wool and knit the scarf long enough to fit snugly around your body.
Get the free knit hug scarf from Knitty!
knit toilet paper
Knit Toilet Paper

Yes, toilet paper. This is a great beginners' pattern because there’s no gauge and it can be knit with the yarn of your choice. Just make sure to have the real thing handy in your bathroom, so your guests know the knit version is just for show!
Get the free yarn toilet paper pattern from Mochi Mochi Land!

Photo credits, from top: Pixadus, theshed.co.uk, Kelly Griffith, Sarah Pasternak and Anna Hrachovec

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