Duct Tape Crafts You Can Wear

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013

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One of the longest-lasting crafting crazes has to be creating with duct tape. It seems to be the crafting supply that can be used for just about anything, and it also makes a great go-to craft for teens. In the realm of wearable duct tape crafts, you can make dresses, wallets, barrettes, purses and so much more. Duct tape crafts offer something for everyone, and whatever project you have in mind, there’s a color or pattern of duct tape for it: plaid, zebra-patterned, solids and bright colors. Hopefully these wearable duct tape craft ideas will inspire you to dive into this fun and versatile crafting material!

Two duct tape hair bows, one made from pink tape, and the other made from white tape with pink polka dots
Duct Tape Hair Bow

These duct tape hair bows are adorable and so easy to make. All you need is some duct tape of any fun color you’d like, and some bobby pins. Simply fold a strip of duct tape in half so the sticky sides adhere together, and then fold it accordion-style. Pinch the middle with some transparent tape, slip in the bobby pin and you’re finished!
For more instructions on this duct tape craft, visit Fabulessly Frugal.
A girl wearing a bow tie made from orange and blue duct tape
Duct Tape Bow Tie

This dapper duct tape accessory is great for guys or gals and it’s infinitely customizable thanks to the varied shades and patterns of duct tape. The steps for creating this bow tie are very similar to the steps for creating the duct tape hair bows mentioned above. You’ll need a sheet of duct tape and a strap to affix to the middle.
Get the duct tape bow tie how-to at CraftFoxes.
A duct tape fedora hat made from red duct tape with a blue stripe around the rim
Duct Tape Fedora

Fedoras are fabulous fashion these days, even among people who are not hipsters. You might think that a duct tape fedora would be difficult to make, but it’s actually quite simple. Just get an actual fedora, cover it in tin foil to create a mold, and then cover the foil with your chosen color or pattern of duct tape. The link below even includes a tutorial video to help you through the steps. 
For more instructions on this duct tape craft, visit wikiHow.
A ring made from gray duct tape with a bow on top
Duct Tape Ring

Who says jewelry needs to be made out of metal or plastic? This ring is adorable and it’s made entirely of duct tape! Simply cut a piece of duct tape that is the circumference of your finger (measure to make sure it fits). Fold up the piece of tape until it’s a thin strip, then join the ends to create a ring shape. Then you’ll need to create the adorable bow that goes on top. 
For instruction on how to create the bow for this ring, visit Cut Out and Keep.
A bracelet made from strips of colorful duct tape braided together
Duct Tape Bracelet

This braided bracelet is very easy to make. First, create three strips of duct tape, preferably of three different colors, and then simply braid them as you would braid your hair. When you reach the end and your strips are braided together, join them together with an "S" clip and you’ve got a bracelet.
For more instructions on this duct tape craft, visit New Jewelry A Day.
A young woman wearing a black top and a skirt made from orange duct tape
Duct Tape Skirt

You've seen the amazing duct tape prom dresses created by high school students, right? If not, remedy immediately! Here's a how-to for a slightly smaller version of that prom dress. This duct tape craft creates a great a-line skirt with a fun ruffle at the bottom, and all you need is some duct tape, some velcro and a sheet. 
Get more instructions on this duct tape skirt at CraftFoxes.

Credits: Firefly Books, Fabulessly Frugal, wikiHow, Cut Out and Keep, New Jewelry A Day, Firefly Books

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