Easy Crochet Patterns for the Household

Posted by on Mar 22, 2019

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So many crochet patterns are geared towards clothing or accessories. But if you’re looking for crocheted home décor, there are some very creative and interesting patterns out there. Here are six easy crochet patterns that you can make for just about every room in the house.

Small crochet dishcloths
Crochet Dishcloths
These crochet cloths can be used in the kitchen to wash dishes, or use them in the bath for a comforting pamper session. They’re simple to make and would be a great gift idea for mother, sister or friend. For more information, visit Mellie Blossom.

White crochet face scrubbies
Reusable Crochet Face Scrubbies
Makeup wipes and cotton pads can be very expensive. These crochet face scrubbies are a great way to save money and they can even be more hygienic than store-bought cotton pads. For more information, visit My Sweet Somethings.

Crocheted hanging baskets
Crocheted Hanging Baskets
These hanging baskets are a great way to store anything you need to keep away from your pets! The pattern specifies that you use a heavyweight yarn so that the baskets hold up over time. For more information, visit The Crochet Diaries.

Crocheted potholders
Crochet Potholders
These potholders are a more affordable, handmade version of something you might find at a trendy, big box store. You can customize them with yarns in colors to match your kitchen. For more information, visit Mom’s Crochet.

Hanging organizer for toys
Hanging Toy Organizer
Much like the hanging baskets, this hanging toy organizer is an adorable way to keep your kids’ toys off the floor. For more information, visit Red Heart.

Crocheted elephant bookends
Elephant Bookends 
If you’re feeling ambitious, give these adorable crocheted elephant bookends a try! This super cute addition to your bookshelves is sure to be a conversation starter. For more information, visit Moogly.

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    I've never tried to crochet and should probably start with a scarf... but the elephant bookends are adorable!