Festivus Crafts for the Holiday Season

Posted by on Dec 01, 2011

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What better way to celebrate the merry season than to tell your roommate/child/companion that it's not OK to leave dirty socks in the kitchen? On December 23, otherwise known as Festivus, you can. (And apologies are not permitted afterwards.)

Festivus is a holiday, and we use the word holiday brought to light by "Seinfeld very lightly. During the episode "The Strike" the "Seinfeld" gang participates in the Festivus celebrations, which include a dinner (meatloaf), "airing of grievances" and "feats of strength." There are no holiday decorations except for a bare metal pole.

Pictured Above: Send a Festivus card to all your loved ones, invite them over and then wrestle them to the ground during "feats of strength." If you throw your own Festivus bonanza make sure to make your own Festivus pole. Go to the hardware store and buy a pole and some sort of stand. Remember, crafty folk — no decorating the Festivus pole!


Let Your Gray Flag Fly

Well ... decorations aren't really encouraged, but we couldn't help ourselves. However, this banner from Devany doesn't try to spice up the anti-commercialism holiday. She keeps it mellow with a monochromatic color scheme, which would be easy to recreate with paint, cardboard and string. 
Bring the Baby

Don't exclude the little one from this weirdly fun event. Make a fun screen print project from this inspiration originally from I Love Being a Girl.
Tiger balm
Feats of Strength

Festivus doesn't end until the host is pinned, so get ready for sore muscles. Then sooth those worn-out joints with this DIY tiger balm recipe from Craftgossip.com. You'll need cayenne, arnica, beeswax, camphor, cinnamon, rosemary, clary sage and sweet birch. 
Yum Grub

Bacon, mushroom and swiss meatloaf ... yum. Celebrate Festivus with a full stomach thanks to this recipe from allrecipes.com.
etsy flask

Alcohol is not served at the Festivus dinner, but George Costanza's boss, Mr. Kruger, sneaks a drink (or two) from a flask. This is a great idea for transforming your beat up, rusty flask into something cool — just buy some chalkboard paint (it's a real thing) from the hardware store. Check out more flasks from ElationGreetings.
etsy wine labels
Let the Wine Flow

Again, alcohol doesn't really fly during Festivus, but why not make this "holiday" your own? Make your own labels by hand or on the computer or buy them from SmallCreatures.
Festivus festival
Festivus Festival!

Check out this "festival for the rest of us." The Columbus Artmobile will hold this festival on December 10 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 400 West Rich Street in East Franklinton, OH. There will be arts and crafts, music, ice sculptures, face painting, food and drinks.

Also see this event on our Craft Map and make sure to upload any upcoming events you are involved in!

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