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Posted by on Feb 29, 2012

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Not to take anything away from David Bowie's glam-rock genius, but he's often remembered as much for the personas he crafted as the hits he fashioned. The Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and the other Spiders from Mars mixed a homegrown earnestness with an otherworldly theatricality. How does one distill that chameleon Bowie essence into a T-shirt or tote bag or just make it part of your doll collection? Here's some inspiration for all you pretty things.

Aladdin Sane Gadget Case 

Love David Bowie’s music? Show other music enthusiasts your dedication with a David Bowie iPod cover featuring the Aladdin Sane silhouette. Feel free to improvise with your favorite David Bowie appearance. Substitute a Ziggy Stardust eye patch for the lightning bolt or a giant blond-hair silhouette and black vest for the Labyrinth Bowie. 
See the (unfortunately sold) Aladdin Sane Gadget Case from Nokomomo! Or, get the free iPod cozy pattern from Squidoo.

david bowie aladdin sane t-shirt
Aladdin Sane T-Shirt 

Who needs a silkscreen? There's plenty of artistic integrity in a T-shirt design done with just a marker and fabric. This plain white T-shirt was transformed into an impressionistic design of the David Bowie album cover in just two steps. First, create a David Bowie silhouette outline with a magic marker. Then stitch fabric in a lightning bolt over the silhouette. If the T-shirt is thin enough (insert your "Thin White T" gag here), you can even use a real image of David Bowie to perfectly trace the silhouette. The result is a trendy handmade shirt without all the equipment. 
Get the free Aladdin Sane T-Shirt pattern from Minnie Burton.
david bowie ken doll
David Bowie Ken 

Rock Barbie’s world with a David Bowie makeover for Ken. Inspired by the album Aladdin Sane, this David Bowie replica from Aimee Ray discards Ken’s accessories for a jumpsuit so tight it’s painted on. Paint, glitter and hairspray are the only tools needed to create this look for Ken. Research your favorite David Bowie persona and add the key elements to Ken’s wardrobe. Make sure to pick a Ken doll that has enough hair to spray into a mullet if choosing a Bowie costume from the early years. 
knit david bowie jumpsuit
Knit David Bowie Costume 

Adventurous knitting and glam rock converge with this knit jumpsuit inspired by David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust tour. The one-piece blue outfit from Christina Agapakis is characteristic of Bowie’s androgynous years. One sleeve and one pant leg of the suit are complete while their counterparts are replaced by bangles on the wrist and ankle. This outfit can be used for a Halloween costume or an ‘80s dance party.
ziggy stardust paper doll
David Bowie Paper Doll 

If you need a pocket-sized David Bowie who can watch over your coffee mug at work or ride around on your dashboard like it’s a spaceship consider this David Bowie Paper Doll. Simply download the pattern, print and fold the miniature doll. The result is a comical blocky paper doll with an image of David Bowie's face for a head. As you can probably guess, the design pulls inspiration from a mixture of Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane. 
Get the free David Bowie paper doll pattern from Toy a Day!
david bowie finger puppet
David Bowie Finger Puppets 

Can’t choose a favorite version of David Bowie? Create them all as finger puppets. Dashing and interchangeable, these hand-illustrated finger puppets represent the best of Bowie’s fashion endeavors. Each tiny finger sock shows the likeness of David Bowie with cartoon cuteness. Create your own by sewing basic finger puppets and drawing on them with markers. You can even introduce kids to Bowie’s music by creating a puppet show set to one of his music videos like “Dancing in the Streets” with Mick Jagger. 
Get the free finger puppet pattern from Small Magazine.

Image credits (from top): etsy.com/shop/nokomomo, Minnie Burton, Aimee Raye, Christina Agapakis, toy-a-day.blogspot.com and etsy.com/shop/PintassilgoPrints

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