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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012

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It is now less than two weeks until my first daughter is "scheduled" to be born (well, her due date, but who knows when she'll actually make her appearance). While her birth will not be ushered in with a birthday cake, I can't help but think of all the fun possibilities a kiddo brings to my favorite craft medium: cake and food. There are a ton of talented craftspeople out there with great kids' birthday cake ideas, including the owner of Natasha's Creations, who made the beautiful fondant decorated cake featured in the picture above. As I mentioned in my chocolate post, I'm clueless when it comes to fondant, so I would either have to buy one of Natasha's perfect creations or work with buttercream frosting or various other mediums. So I have assembled a list of cakes for future reference (and for fun) that don't especially revolve around fondant but have great "wow" factors. 

Cox Corner
Dome Mickey Mouse Cake

This Mickey Mouse cake from Cox's Corner couldn't be cuter for a tyke who is a fan of the classic Disney theme. The adorable exterior is deceptive: this cake does not require any special cake molds or fancy equipment. The amateur baker probably has everything she needs in her cupboards right now.
Get the tutorial from Cox's Corner.
The Girl Who Ate Everything
Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

Here's a great frosting tip: cover up a bad frosting job with a marshmallow flower like this one from The Girl Who Ate Everything (who was not covering up any mistakes, just creating a great design). It's a simple, quick, creative solution to what could be a disaster, and I know a few little girls who would be delighted to have these pink little flower cupcakes at their birthday parties. 
Find the tutorial over at The Girl Who Ate Everything (it's below the Bunny Cupcake Tutorial). 
Swimming Pool Cake by Alana Bread
Swimming Pool Cake

This cake from Alana Bread is perfect for a pool party, or simply for a kid who loves the water. There are a tons of ways to accessorize the cake, from gummy bears “floating” on Fruit Roll-Up floaties to goldfish riding the waves.
Find out how to make this cake at Alana Bread
Fake Ginger
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

If the birthday kid is an ice cream enthusiast, these ice cream cone cupcakes by Fake Ginger are a pretty fun and simple option. Put an upside-down cone on top of regular cupcakes and voila! Cone cupcakes.
For the full tutorial, head over to Fake Ginger
Straight to the Cake
Mermaid Cake

To take the water theme one step further, Straight to the Cake made a gorgeous mermaid cake. Her graham cracker sand and Tootsie Roll starfish really take the cake to a whole new level. There are also some great mermaid cupcakes on her site.
Check out the details at Straight to the Cake
Carlson Blog Rocket Ship Cake
Space Shuttle Craft Cake

The Carlson Blog takes things in the opposite direction, from deep sea to outer space. This rocket ship cake can transport any party to a whole new level. Setting it on tin foil and decorating the background is a nice touch, and I love the way it is personalized. 
Check out how to make this rocket cake at the Carlson Blog
Princess Cake by One Creative Mommy
Princess Cake

One Creative Mommy shares how to make this frosted princess cake without special equipment, outlining how to use both frosting and fondant. The post also gives bakers some tips on how to make Barbie's portions more human, how to hide mistakes like a pro and how to keep the cake more sanitary. 
Check out the tutorial by One Creative Mommy
Lego Cake by A WIsh and A Whisk
Lego Cake

This Lego cake by A Wish and a Whisk is made with fondant. It doesn't seem like there is any other feasible way to do it. Legos are so smooth. But wait! Everyday in April found a creative way to make frosting work, one that uses marshmallows. 
See it at Everyday in April
Elmo Cupcakes by This Mommy Loves
Elmo Cupcakes

If Sesame Street is the road to the birthday child's heart, these cupcakes from This Mommy Loves are the ticket to get there. The adorable bug-eyed creature is assembled with cupcakes, frosting, marshmallows, peanut M&Ms and Oreos. How perfect does he look? 
Make your own by following the tutorial from This Mommy Loves

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