Fun Projects to Build Your Own Casino Man Cave

Posted by on Jul 24, 2021

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Since home life will probably be an important source of entertainment for the foreseeable future, it makes sense to upscale that basement lounge or man cave into a full-fledged getaway. Several DIY projects can turn a room or basement or garage into an impressive casino. (Of course this is all just for fun, and you wouldn’t want to take money from your friends and neighbors.) Here are DIYs that will make your home a gaming center. And if you're wondering what the most popular casino games are, you can check this list.

Bar Build Ideas

Any home lounge will probably have a nice bar for serving libations. Do you want your room to be an urbane setting with soothing grey walls or an over-the-top explosion that displays fave concert memorabilia? This video has a series of of ideas. While building out a new room interior is worthy of a separately article (or several), this collection of ideas will get you thinking about the overall style and tone of the room. Your home casino may even need its own logo to complete the look.

Make Your Own Poker Table

Even if you don’t build a complete casino room, you can still start a gaming room with a poker table. Adam Savage (of MythBusters fame) demonstrates his devotion to “Rounders” by making a replica of one of the movie’s poker playing fields. You’re going to not only need wood, foam, vinyl and material to connect all of these things, but also some semi-professional woodworking material such as a router or jigsaw that will be used for sizing the wood and making the rail. You may also need a drill and a biscuit joiner. Yes, it isn’t a simple build, but every time you play cards you’ll have a story to tell.

Make Your Own Poker Chips

For players who really like to take things to a higher level, you can make your own pokers chips. OK, with this DIY you’re not actually making the chip itself, but replacing the center image to personalize it. The final effect is very cool. As long as you can get your hands on some used poker chips (or even want to customize new ones), you’re going to impress just about ever gamer who walks in your house. This is why your home game room is going to need its own logo. Travis Trail shows how to remove the inlay and replace it with a new vinyl one.

Build a Craps Table

Wait, poker isn’t your game — it’s dice? We got you covered. Dave Tadlock shows how he transformed a felt board and rubber bumpers he got from Amazon into a craps table that almost looks good enough to be on the floor at Caesar’s. You’re going to need a drill, staple gun, iron and a whole lot of super strong adhesive. The final result will be a source of bragging for years to come.

Code Your Own Slot Machine

While coding your own slot machine requires some knowhow in Unity (or a comparable program), Nick the Arcade Expert shows how it can be done. Or at least he shows how you can start the project. Apparently there’s supposed to be a part 2 and 3 to this series, but it hasn’t been updated for a little while. Still the piece can serve as inspiration for what is possible. You’ll also have to figure out how to build the game case. It may be possible to buy one.

Casino Man Cave

Feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities? Here’s an example of how the DIY channel put one together for one of their makeover recipients. They built out an entertainment center with lighted shelves, a music area with room for drums and guitars, and a working bar. You’ll probably need to hire a professional contractor to do some of the things the DIY team did, like a bar with a working sink, but plenty of inspiration can be found here.

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