Halloween Decor — Crafts Inspired by Classic Horror Movies

Posted by on Oct 26, 2011

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Classic horror movies inspire more than just nightmares — unique crafts are seeping out, too. Decades after their premiere, we still celebrate low-budget slashers with (oddly enough) quaint crafties like quilts, cupcakes and even cat toys. 

'The Exorcist' Amigurumi 

"Uh, Father, you've got a little something..." Sweet, innocent amigurumi takes on a demonic caste in this crochet playset, which commemorates Linda Blair's iconic post-lunch split pea spit-up. Breath mint, anyone?
Find more horror movie amigurumi at Croshame!

horror movie quilt inspired by the shining
'The Shining' Quilt

“Come play with us, Danny.” The Shining's creepiest characters — the Gardy twins — are made even more repellent thanks to contrasting floral prints. Twins are always slightly eerie, but memorializing them in fabric? Perhaps we've gone too far.
To see the Danny Torrence quilt, visit fabric artist Brette Gabel.
psycho shower curtain
'Psycho' Shower Curtain 

Perfect for the guest bathroom, this Mama Bates shower curtain is easy-ish to make. Trace a friend's silhouette onto a cloth shower curtain and then fill in the shape with a fabric marker or paint. 
Or you could just buy the 'Psycho' shower curtain from Prank Place.
gremlin inspired horror movie craft
'Gremlins' Hoop Applique 

Mogwai, midnight feedings and comedy in a horror film — all things that foreshadow eminent doom. This movie craft began with a simple sketch and includes a felt banner, furry fabric and an entirely justified fear of all things fluffy.
To see production shoots of the Gremlins horror movie craft, head to Love and A Sandwich
freddy kruger horror movie soft toy
'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Soft Toy 

While the smile should leer with more malicious malcontent, everything else about this Freddy Krueger doll is spot on — from his roasted-like-a-pork chop face and ironic "Where's Waldo?" sweater to the New Jersey-length claws and oddly stylish fedora.
Check out more movie-inspired soft toys at Angela Tiara!
the birds inspired horror movie crafts
'The Birds' Moccasins  

What others did with zombies and chainsaws, Hitchcock did with birds — birds! While the avian apparel from Darling Tonia is no longer for sale, horror enthusiasts can still kick it like Tippi by stitching felt crows to store-bought slippers.
dawn of the dead inspired zombie pincushion
'Night of the Living Dead' Zombie Pincushion 

This felt pincushion doubles as a voodoo doll! Who knew zombies were so versatile?
Get the free zombie pincushion tutorial from Art Threads!
'Friday the 13th' Felt Cat Toy 

Perhaps by crafting a cat toy in his honor, we do a disservice to Jason Vorhees, that dynamo of evil slasher-dom. But this easy felt project from Crafting with Cat Hair offers levity, just right for a genre rife with perverse humor. Besides, supervillians are known for their ability to laugh [insert evil cackle here]. 
To get more cat crafts, head to our free tote bag tutorial
vincent price necklace
Vincent Price Cameo Necklace 

Vincent Price's tenebrous voice and ominous cackle are the soundtrack to many a classic horror film, and so it's only fitting that we honor the legacy (and his pencil-thin 'stache) by dangling him around our necks for all eternity. Not a jewelry aficionado? Consider making The Man in Purple's silhouette for a pillow or stationary.
Check out more horror movie-inspired jewelry via Fable and Fury!
halloween wooden figure
'Halloween' Wooden Peg 

Imagine a whole chess board with these supremes of horror movie mayhem - or even unique wine stoppers. To make your own, pencil trace a simple design on a wooden peg (available at most craft stores) and then carefully fill in with paint. We predict you'll be needing extra bottles of red.
Or buy these horror movie-inspired peg people at Randomly Generated!
halloween horror movie cupcake
'Halloween' Cupcakes 

Having never looked at Michael Myers and thought, "I want to eat your face," we are oddly intrigued by these unique horror movie cupcakes. To make your own, prepare a basic cupcake recipe and then get creative with gel colors, fondant, a mini roller and bamboo skewers. 
Check out other horror movie-inspired cupcakes like Hellraiser or Scream via Pepsi!
horror movie charm necklace
Horror Movie Charm 

A bit like McDonald's toys for grown-ups (darkly twisted grown-ups, that is), these Ghostface, Jigsaw and other horror movie charms would make the ideal end to a necklace, bookmark or (if you are as twisted as we think you are) baby mobile. Too far? 
Buy your own horror villain charm from Sweet Geek!

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