Handmade Christmas Gifts for 'The Hobbit' Fans

Posted by on Nov 29, 2013

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The love of Tolkien writings can be an enduring legacy passed down from parents to children for generations. At least that's what I'm hoping will happen! And these thoughtfully crafted handmade Christmas gifts for "The Hobbit" fans can inspire new love and conversation for the classic books and their movie counterparts.

Homemade Gifts for "The Hobbit" Fans: Smaug Beaded Embroidery Hoop

Beaded Smaug Embroidery

Sage advice for the adventurer, "Never laugh at live dragons," is a quote from "The Hobbit" that is beautifully framed by a fearsome and intricate dragon.  With a beaded underbelly and fire-breath, Smaug looks menacing and nigh-unbeatable. Upon closer inspection, however, a careful observer notices that the thoughtful artist left a small section of the abdomen exposed...
Go to Craftster for a closer look.

Epic Dwarf Beard in Shades of Auburn: A Homemade Christmas Gift for
Epic Dwarf Beard

To blend in in a company of dwarves, it is tremendously helpful to have a very generous beard. So any fan of "The Hobbit," particularly one who is challenged in the area of facial hair, might appreciate this yarn masterpiece. As you might imagine, it uses yards upon yards of various shades of yarn, all attached using a mesh plastic canvas. The only other materials required are a sharpie, scissors and a crochet hook.
For a full tutorial, visit the Instructables page.
Hobbit Door -- Creative  Handmade Christmas Gift for "The Hobbit" Fans
Hobbit Door

Any reader would appreciate a nice quiet hobbit hole where they can peacefully read their favorite series. This lovely door does not create the space, but it is quite magical. I would bet that it does transport those extra imaginative individuals to another dimension. It's a unique and lovely handmade gift for "The Hobbit" fans that would look striking standing next to the trilogy on the bookshelf.
Creator's Joy has detailed pictures for the tutorial.
Embroidered Map
Embroidered Map of Thorin

The exiled king and leader of the fellowship, Thorin is descended from an ancient and storied line. This map is a replica of the one made by Thorin's grandfather, Thror, complete with Moon runes and tiny Smaug. 
Visit Craftster for more pictures.
Thranduil’s Crown

The Elvenking's crown is as elegant as it is simple. Made with twigs, a headband and twine, it's a natural and gorgeous headpiece worthy of the father of Legolas. While Thranduil and the dwarves aren't really friends, I think everyone can agree that he has an excellent sense of style.
Visit Geekmom for the tutorial.
Homemade Christmas  Gifts for
Smaug Candle Holder

There is no tutorial for this, but it was too brilliant not to share, and the concept is simple enough. Use paint markers to create as beautiful a Smaug as you can manage on a Mason jar, proof it and light it up with a tea light candle. 
Ogle the beautiful handiwork of the Smaug Candle Holder at BonnieMarie's DeviantArt page.
Homemade Christmas Gifts for

The elvish knife Bilbo the burglar recovers from the troll treasures is a perfect hobbit-sword, and a skillfully handmade replica is the perfect Christmas gift for a Hobbit-enthusiast. This particular rendition is made from medium density fiberboard, glued and laminated together in layers, carefully sanded and chiseled by hand, then painted to perfection. 
Admire the handiwork on drknotter's Instructables page.
Homemade Christmas Gifts for
Crochet Dragon

Smaug the Magnificent has loads of fan art dedicated to him, and for good reason. He's gorgeous. He's voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch. He's fearsome and fire-breathing and fantastic. If needlecrafts are your specialty, the crochet dragon should be on your make-list for "The Hobbit" fan in your life. Made with all the typical crochet things (crochet hook, yarn), as well as some extras like LED lights to make him extra fierce, this dragon would make a very special gift! 
Learn how to make it from the tutorial on Craftster.

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