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Posted by on Dec 05, 2011

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Even after 20 years of sewing experience, quilting expert Meg Cox still considers herself an "advanced beginner." With that humble mindset, Meg is able to offer what many beginner quilters crave: friendly, dressed-down advice for one of America's most traditional (and difficult) crafts, quilting.

Meg's unpretentious manner is not reserved solely for her teaching. She also prefers quilts that focus less on formal style and more on the celebration of a moment or friendship. Her favorite go-to project, the photo quilt, contains large blocks of bright fabric framing a cherished fabric-printed photo.

Do you have a question about quilting for Meg? You can ask her in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you have a question about a specific item you can email us an image at info@craftfoxes.com and we'll be happy to forward it to her.

Check out her how-to on making a last-minute gift quilt!

Meg is the author of The Quilter's Catalog: A Comprehensive Resource Guide (published by Workman Publishing Company) as well as The New Family Traditions: How to Create Rituals for Holidays & Everydays (published by Running Press).

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