Holiday Gift Guide for Arts and Crafts Lovers

Posted by on Dec 06, 2012

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DIY patterned fabric gift wrap by Whimsebox



Everyone has a person in their life who is hard to buy presents for. For you, that might be someone who is an arts and crafts enthusiast. They might seem like an easy person to buy for, but crafters often have their own cache of supplies and books already. Hopefully, this holiday gift guide will give you some ideas as to what the crafter in your life might need. And because you’re on this site, perhaps you're a crafter yourself! There’s certainly nothing wrong with buying a Christmas gift for yourself, if you see something in this gift guide that catches your fancy.

Book cover for Instantly Antique Wall Decals.
Instantly Antique Wall Decals

Vinyl decals are a quirky and fun way to decorate, especially if you’re renting and cannot paint or if you’re living in a dorm. This is a great holiday gift idea for the crafter in your life who needs some interesting wall decor and may not be interested in hanging pictures. This set of wall decals comes with thirty-five decals on 4 full-color sheets that are child-safe. The mix-and-match pieces include photo frames, a 2-dimensional bookshelf, and more. 
Creativebug gift subscriptions
Creativebug Gift Subscription

Some arts and crafts lovers are enthusiastic, but don’t know where to direct their energy first. In that case, a gift subscription to Creativebug could be the perfect holiday gift idea. This gift certificate will give the recipient access to the full catalog of video lessons from Creativebug craft instructors, who will help them channel their creativity into many new crafting avenues. Subscriptions come in increments of one month, three months or several months. It’s all up to you! 
For more information on this holiday gift idea, visit Creativebug.
Book cover for Grow Your Homemade Business.
Grow Your Homemade Business

This book is a favorite of ours here at CraftFoxes and would be the perfect Christmas gift idea for a friend or family member who is starting to sell crafts online or at craft fairs. Taking that first step in a creative business can be difficult and confusing, but "Grow Your Homemade Business," by Kari Chapin can help anyone get started and get to that next level. The book covers all aspects of running a creative business, like drawing up a business plan, expanding your distribution, finding funding and more!
For more information on this holiday gift idea, visit Amazon.
Book cover for "Stitched Gifts"
Stitched Gifts

Interest in hand embroidery is on the rise these days, and you might know someone looking to start some embroidery projects. If that’s the case, this holiday gift idea is the one for you. "Stitched Gifts" contains 25 simple embroidery projects for any occasion, from weddings to holidays, baby showers and anniversaries. These projects come to us from Jessica Marquez, founder of the popular blog Miniature Rhino.
For more information on this Christmas gift idea, visit Chronicle Books.
Whimseybox gift certificates

Have you heard of Whimseybox? It's a subscription service for a different assortment of craft supplies, that arrives to you in the mail each month, for just $15 per box. It's a wonderful way to buy a gift for a crafty friend or family member. In addition, you can join the Whimseybox community for inspirational how-tos and more.
Read more about Whimseybox's subscription plans.
Book cover for "Tape It and Make It"
Tape It and Make It

Duct tape crafts have experienced a surge in popularity recently and the Internet is rife with examples of creative projects being made with this affordable household material. This book, "Tape It & Make It," would be a great Christmas gift idea for crafty kids, teens and young adults. Full of step-by-step directions and colorful illustrations, the book offers projects that range from accessories (duct tape wallets and watch straps), to clothing (duct tape neckties and mini skirts), to what the author calls "megativities" (duct tape skyscrapers and a Rubik’s Cube). It’s a fun way to get into crafting! 
For more information on this holiday gift idea, visit Barron’s.
Book cover for Craft: Techniques and Projects.
Craft: Techniques and Projects

While the previous Christmas gift ideas in this guide have been specialized toward a certain kind of crafting, "Craft: Techniques and Projects" is a catch-all reference for all kinds of crafting. The book boasts directions on textile crafts like felting and batik, paper crafts like decoupage and rubber stamping, jewelry techniques like beading and silver wirework and more specialized crafts like soap making. Beginning, intermediate and advanced crafters are sure to love this book as a crafting resource.
For more information on this holiday gift idea, visit Amazon.

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