Holiday Gift Guide for The Person Who Has Everything

Posted by on Dec 13, 2012

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Everyone has this person on their list. It's the person who has everything. If they like certain books, they buy them for themselves throughout the year. If they’re crafting enthusiasts, they stock their own store of supplies. So when the holidays roll around, it can seem impossible to find something to give them as a gift! We hope that these six unique and quirky gift ideas will help you buy something for that person who has everything.

The Port-A-Menorah with a menorah and two dreidels.

Here is a great gift for the person who has everything and the person who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. For some of your Jewish friends, this might be the perfect gift idea if you’re not sure what to get them. This gift would be especially fitting if your friend is going away for the holidays, because this menorah is portable. Each piece is made of die-cut card and the set includes a menorah base, nine candles and two dreidels that can be punched out and played with. 
Find the "Port-a-Menorah" and more holiday gift ideas at Chronicle Books.
The cover to How to Make Your Own Brewskis.
How to Make Your Own Brewskis

Everyone is enthusiastic about something, and I’m willing to bet there is someone on your holiday list who is hankering to create their own brew at home. But where to begin? This holiday gift idea, entitled "How to Make Your Own Brewskis: The Go-to Guide for Craft Brew Enthusiasts," will give your friend or loved one the guidelines and tips they need to start their own brewery. By New Year’s, you might be tasting their first experiment. 
For more information on this holiday gift idea, visit Amazon.
Book cover for Craft-A-Day.
Craft-a-Day: 365 Simple Handmade Projects

Do you have a crafter in your life that doesn't seem to craft any more? They might have run out of craft ideas to try out. Well, this holiday gift idea is the perfect way to stop their excuses and get them crafting! "Craft-a-Day," by Sarah Goldschadt, is filled with daily inspiration for craft projects such as magnets, cupcake toppers, wall art and more. There are 365 projects that fit into 52 different craft themes. Do a project per day or just go crazy and do a whole week of crafting on a free Saturday. It’s up to you! 
Check out "Craft-a-Day," for an inspiring holiday gift idea.
The book cover to Star Wars Origami.
Star Wars Origami

Let’s not forget the nerds on your list! This holiday gift idea brings the ancient art of paper folding to a galaxy far, far away. "Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper-Folding Projects" is written by Chris Alexander, founder of the website The 36 models included in this book are rated by difficulty: Youngling (easy), Padawan (medium), Jedi Knight (difficult) and Jedi Master (tricky). The front matter of the book supplies beginner origami artists with origami definitions and basic folds. This book makes origami as easy and as fun as possible. The Star Wars fan in your life will surely enjoy this throughout the holiday season and beyond. 
For more information on this holiday gift, visit Amazon. Then download the free Star Wars origami project at CraftFoxes.
Book cover for Lo-fi Photo Fun.
Lo-Fi Photo Fun

Perhaps your person-with-everything is interested in photography, but doesn’t feel comfortable around expensive cameras or even their iPhone camera. In that case, they would love this book, "Lo-Fi Photo Fun!: Creative Projects for Polaroid, Plastic and Pinhole Cameras." Written by Adam Bronkhurst, this holiday gift idea contains 35 unique projects for lo-fi photographers working with Polaroids, Dianas, pinhole cameras and more. Your lo-fi enthusiast will learn different techniques for how to make their photographs look amazing. 
For more information on this holiday gift idea, visit Amazon.
The Snoopy organic biscuits kit with recipe book and cookie cutters.
Snoopy’s Organic Dog Biscuit Kit

And now we come to the pet lover who has everything. They’ve had their fill of dog toys, dog bones and antlers for their dog to wear around the holidays. So, why not get them something fun and different? This holiday gift idea contains an illustrated book of recipes for dog biscuits that are safe for dogs and puppies. In addition, there are cookie cutters in the shape of Snoopy, his iconic doghouse and other fun shapes. The dog owner in your life will love these and you’ll probably get on the dog’s good side, too. 
For more information about this holiday gift idea, visit Amazon.

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