Holiday Gift Guide for Your Furry Friend

Posted by on Dec 22, 2011

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White Lilie Designs


Christmas gifts for cats and dogs are really for us, their owners. Fido, festive in a red-and-green bow tie, or Miss Kitty, playing will her new toy stuffed with that feline fetish — catnip — could never feel the joy we experience at seeing our beloved ones at their silliest. If you're still looking for that unique holiday gift for your cat or dog, read on!

Pictured Above: 
The hand-stamped metal pet ornament featured above offers a little bark spark to your holiday decor. The inch-and-a-quarter ornament features a copper bone that can be personalized with your pet's name. White Lilie Designs$16

cat bowl holiday gift
Bowled Over

A handmade stoneware clay bowl offers a nontoxic alternative to a cat's food dish, and is even dishwasher safe.
cat house holiday gift
Board Stiff

A single piece of cardboard is transformed into a rustic retreat, complete with a door bell / exercise equipment and an excellent view (the roof can support up to 30 pounds of perched pet). Uncommon Goods$25
cat liter box holiday gift
Litter Bug

What will an almost $200 cat litter box get you? An Ikea-like design, which takes up less floor space; an ergonomic poop scoop; and a reusable tarpaulin liner, which means you'll never have to buy another liner again. Snazzy?
Uncommon Goods$180
cat and dog holiday gift ornaments
Stocking Up

These felted wool stockings made by fair trade artisans in Nepal can hide small sweets and treats. Uncommon Goods$14
cat and dog holiday gift chew toy
Like a Puppy with a New Toy

Vegetable-dyed amigurumi offer a safe alternative to the traditional cat and dog chew toys, often gob-smacked with toxics. Even better, the rope-made toys will floss your chowhound's choppers while you play. Uncommon Goods$16
cat and dog holiday gift collar tag
Lucky Dog

A copper collar tag imprinted with the phrase Santa's Little Helper is an adorable albeit temporary decor for your dog or cat's collar. Windshine$7
dog holiday gift collar
Hot (and Festive) Under the Collar

Speaking of collars, this unique neck accessory made from plaid flannel and green nylon webbing can be used all year, thanks to its subtly colored fabrics. Clementine Collars$15
dog and cat holiday gift soap
Land of Milk and Cedar

For those dogs with sensitive skin, this pet soap made from goat's milk offers a gentle alternative to harsh shampoos, while the cedar essential oil is a natural flea repellent. Mary's Milk Monsters$7
dog holiday gift water bowl
Knock on Wood

Ergnomically-designed food and water bowls allow for Goliath dog breeds to eat in comfort, and now, thanks to this pine stand, in style, too. Woodin' You$38

Image credits (from top): White Lilie Designs, Uncommon Goods, Uncommon Goods, Uncommon Goods, Uncommon Goods, Uncommon Goods, Windshine, Clementine Collars, Mary's Milk Monsters and Woodin' You

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