Holy Batman Crafts, Batman!

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012

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Holy Nail Art

I am anxiously waiting for the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. I've already memorized the trailer (I even quote it sometimes), and I went to the IMAX version of the latest Mission Impossible movie just to catch the ten-minute prologue to the new Batman movie. Christopher Nolan has enchanted me with his rendition of Batman's tale, and I'm getting sick of waiting for this new installment. So I've decided to channel my energy into finding some awesome Batman crafts. The day before I go see the movie, I'll prepare my nails like KaleighOC, but until then, the five crafts below should keep me busy. 
The coolest origami Batman.
Holy Origami

Talented paper craftspeople can make this origami Batman by following a challenging tutorial by Ángel Morollón Guallar on Marigami Origami. Watch the Dark Knight rise from the folds of paper beneath the artist's hands, and follow his example to make all of Gotham City's enemies flee in terror.
A paper model of the Tumbler from Batman Begins and Dark Knight.
Holy Paper Batmobile

Another intricate paper craft, this Batmobile is a paper puzzle presented by Paper Inside. Print the PDF model for free and start assembling Batman's favorite mode of transportation as first seen in Batman Begins. Call yours whatever you like, but Mr. Fox calls Mr. Wayne's the "Tumbler."
Batman Symbol Afghan Pattern
Holy Afghan Square

Follow a pattern from Superlative Stitchery to make a crocheted Batman symbol afghan square. If a blanket is too much of an endeavor, perhaps make one afghan square with heavy-duty cotton yarn and call it a potholder. It will be a beacon of hope that shall protect the user from burns and the fear of them. 
A cake featuring the bat symbol and Gotham
Holy Cake

A real celebration always has food. What better way to welcome The Dark Knight Rises to the big screen than with a cake? And nothing is more suited than a cake featuring the bat symbol and Gotham City's skyline. This awesome cake tutorial is available at A Turtle's Life for Me
Batman symbol cupcake liners around cupcakes with electric blue icing.
Holy Cupcake Liners

Fondant is very intimidating to me —I've never worked with it, and I certainly don't think I could cut something as involved as the bat design from it. So these printable cupcake liners from Laura's Crafty Life are the perfect solution: sweet Batman design, no fondant necessary. I love the electric blue icing! 

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