Adorable Homemade Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Posted by on Sep 08, 2014

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Halloween is coming up, and your kids are probably already brainstorming their costumes. With some fabric, cardboard and a few other easy-to-find materials, you can make some great Halloween costumes for your kids that they'll be proud to wear to their Halloween school parade and for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

Toadstool kids halloween costume
Polka Dot Toadstool

The foundation of this cute-n-dotty toadstool costume is bubble wrap and a large brim hat, like a sombrero. 

Owl kids halloween costume
Friendly Owl

Owls are still a big design fad these days, so here is a quick and easy no-sew kids' costume to follow that trend. All you need are fabric scraps, a tee shirt and cardstock! 

Hot air balloon costume
Hot Air Balloon

This kids' costume is absolutely adorable and and incredibly clever way to use a large balloon, some rope and a wicker basket. Plus you won't lose them in the crowds of trick-or-treaters!

Lego brick kids halloween costume
Lego Brick

With the popularity of the recent Lego movie, your child might want to dress up as an actual Lego brick for Halloween - spray paint the cardboard box to match whatever bright-colored clothes you already have in the closet.

Pacman costume

Pacman is a classic video game that has stood the test of time, and now it can be a Halloween costume too! Just find some cardboard boxes and get to work with the scissors! 

Harry Potter kids halloween costumes
Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

The books and movies may be over, but Harry Potter is still around. If your kids are big Potterheads, these costumes are super fun to make by altering thrift store clothes.

Of course if the idea of making costumes for kids is too exhausting you can always buy Halloween costumes for kids on

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