How to Make a Rug: 7 DIY Rug Ideas for Your Home

Posted by on Sep 05, 2013

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A great way to reduce echo and create a more cozy environment in your home is to add some rugs. But rugs can be quite expensive, especially if you’re trying to cover a lot of floor space. Luckily, there are many different DIY rug projects out there for you to decorate your home. We’ve put together a list of seven relatively simple ideas for how to make a rug that will give you a great piece of home decor. Check these out!

A black and white woven rug
Woven Rug DIY

This first rug is a woven one and, if done right, can look like a rug that you picked up in the store. You’ll need some fabric, flat sheets, boards and nails to create a weaving frame, plus some other crafting supplies. The process for creating this rug is pretty simple — just cut strips of fabric and use your homemade weaving frame to thread the different colors of fabric together to create that woven basket look. It’s a time-consuming project, but it looks fantastic when you’re finished.
For complete directions on this DIY rug project, visit A Beautiful Mess.
Pink and white fabric tied together to create a shag rug effect
DIY Shag Rug

It seems that shag carpeting is back in style! This DIY rug project is created from jersey cotton fabric and the blogger who originally posted it does say it was very time consuming, but easy. You’ll need a rug mat to use as your base. Cut the fabric into strips and then begin weaving them into the holes in your rug mat, knotting it tightly, and alternating colors to create a nice pattern. When you’re finished, you’ll have your own slice of shag carpeting!
For more instructions on this how to make a rug, rag style, visit My Love of Style.
A bedroom with a white crocheted rug that looks like a doily on the carpet
Chunky Doily Rug

For a different kind of look, try out this chunky doily rug. You’ll need some worsted weight yarn, a size N (10 mm) hook and a tapestry needle. The gauge for this project is 4 1/2 dc and 2 rnds = 2" (5 cm) in dc stitch using 3 strands together and size N (10 mm) hook. This project is definitely more suited to someone who knows their way around a crochet hook. The end product will be 36 inches in diameter and would look great under a coffee table, in your living area and even on top of carpeting.
For complete instructions on this DIY rug project, visit this CraftFoxes post.
A black and beige rug with a geometric pattern stenciled on it
Stenciled Rug

This stenciled rug is very unique and can be customized according to whichever pattern you’d most like to use. You’ll need a rug of a size that will cover your space. Paint the edges with some latex paint, then attach a stencil to your rug and go to town! There are several stencil shops online and you can find some plastic stencils at craft stores, too. All you have to do is browse for one you like. Once you’ve attached your stencil to the rug, simply paint over it with a roller and you’ll soon have a stenciled rug!
Learn how to make a rug with stencils at Creatively Living.
A rug made from pink, orange and green strips of fabric woven together and tied at the ends
Woven Rag Rug

Here is another woven rug project, but this one is a bit different. You’ll need some old bed sheets that you’re not using anymore, some sturdy cardboard to create a weaving frame and a few other crafting supplies. Cut your bed sheet into several strips. Next, cut strips at the edge of your cardboard to anchor your bed sheet strips. Then, you simply start weaving strips of fabric together to create the woven basket look. The finished product will be a chunky woven rug that is probably pretty soft on your feet.
For complete instructions on this DIY rug project, visit Craft Passion.
A rug made from plastic bags and black garbage bags woven together
Plastic Bag Rug

This DIY rug project is a very unique one and is a great way to combine recycling and crafting, if that’s something you’re into. You’ll need some plastic bags, some garbage bags or ribbons, a piece of cardboard for a weaving frame and other crafting supplies. The garbage bags/ribbons will serve as the vertical strips and the plastic bags will be the horizontal strips, or vice versa. The process for this rug is the same as the other woven rugs, but this one uses reusable materials. A great use for all of those plastic bags from the grocery store!
Thrifty Fun has the how-to on how to make a rug from plastic bags.
Crocheted Plastic Bag Rug

If you like the idea of recycling plastic bags into a rug, perhaps this crocheted project will interest you. You'll need to make your own "plarn" (plastic bag yarn), which you can then crochet in the round until you get this fun and funky placemat. Simply keep going, and you can turn it into a DIY rug project for your floor (or make them smaller, and you'll have fun plastic bag coasters)!
Get the crocheted plastic bag rug how-to at Creative Jewish Mom.

Credits: A Beautiful Mess, My Love of Style, CraftFoxes, Creatively Living, Craft Passion, Thrifty Fun, Creative Jewish Mom.

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7 DIY Rug Projects

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