It's in the Bag: Free Purse Sewing Patterns

Posted by on Dec 14, 2021

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For some of us, our purse collections might be a bit larger than they should be. If you’re a purse junkie, you know that habit can cost you a pretty penny! To save some money, why not make your own purses? The Internet, and the CraftFoxes site, abounds with purse patterns that you can follow to make your own colorful and fashionable accessories. We’ve collected some purse patterns here that you might like to try out.

Not Just a Pretty Purse

Just like the name, this is just not a pretty bag! It is also huge, which means it can hold all of your stuff and look good at the same time. Would also work great as a baby bag. You only need a 1 yard of fabric for this project which makes it even sweeter. We can all thank Sabra from Straight Line Design for giving us this freebie. 

A tote bag made from pink, gray, and flowery fabric
Library Tote Bag

This tote bag is the perfect thing for a mom on the go who needs to carry her little one’s latest library books, or for a student who needs to carry around her latest research reads. You’ll need some fabric for the main part of the bag, a different fabric for some accents along the edges, a few other materials, and then it’s time to sew! This bag is simple enough and very customizable. Choose a color you like, or that your child likes, and make the bag as big or as small as you’d like.
For more information on this purse pattern, visit My Cotton Creations.
The Buttercup Bag

Nothing is cuter than a buttercup bag in your most favorite fabric. This mid-sized pleated shoulder bag is a staple in many wardrobes these days because it is quick to make and looks completely different in every fabric you use. CraftFoxes member ShayO shares her version of it in our project section. If you decide to make this bag, please share yours with us as well!
A yellow clutch bag with a bow on the front
DIY Bow Clutch

This DIY clutch bag is positively adorable, and it’s just the thing if you’ve got a big party to go to. Or, frankly, if you’d just like to carry around a lovely little clutch, this’ll do the trick. This clutch even has a zipper closure, so it’ll keep your belongings safe inside. For this project you’ll need ½ yard of fabric for the exterior, and a ¼ yard of fabric for the interior. Admittedly, this project is a bit more complicated than our other purse patterns, but it would be perfect if you’re looking for a challenge.
For more information on this purse pattern, visit Elm Street Life.
The Coco Bag

This shoulder bag has a great modern shape and would go with any outfit. Great for everyday use! The pattern allows you to use different straps and add different pockets to make it your very own or change the look as you please. 
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A handbag decorated with buttons and beads
Bead and Button Handbag

This handbag tutorial comes straight from the CraftFoxes website! This bag is a new spin on an old, classic look, and it’ll help you jazz up an old bag that you might have in your closet, or something you’ve found at a thrift shop. If you have a handbag with wooden handles, then this is the project for you. All you need to do is decorate to your heart’s content! You can add ribbons, buttons, beads and other decorations. Make it reflect your personality!
For more information on this purse tutorial, visit CraftFoxes.
A patchwork tote bag made from scraps of different fabric
Patchwork Bag

This tote bag is a perfect project to take on if you’ve got some spare scraps of fabric lying around. For this project you’ll need fabric for the sides of the bag, for the strap, for the lining and for the closure. The closure should be affixed with some velcro or a magnet to make sure you can close up the bag. As the original blog post says, you can quilt as you go with this bag, adding more pieces of fabric when you find what you’re looking for or acquire new scraps in your fabric bag.
For more information on this purse pattern, visit Sewn Up.
A purse made from flowery fabric with a ribbon on top and a drawstring
Drawstring Purse

This bag, which is a bit simpler than the others, closes with a simple drawstring at the top. It’s quick and easy to put together, and the drawstring closure provides easy access to your wallet and cell phone. For this project you’ll need two different kinds of fabric, to create a varied appearance to the bag, as well as a cord to create the drawstring and act as the strap for the bag, and a ribbon — which is optional. This is a very simple project, so if you’re looking for something to begin with this might be just the thing for you.
This pattern used to be available at Sew It Love It, but it's still a nice inspiration.
The Roundabout Purse

This purse gives a break to the normal shapes with a simple circle that is simple enough for beginning sewers. This purse is great for customization as well. It has a large flat surface ready for your favorite pattern, patch, whatever you can think of! Would make a great gift for a little girl to hold her dolls or toys or for a teenager with a picture of her favorite band or celebrity crush. 
You can find the pattern on our site in the how-to section, here.
A large purse made from pink and blue stripes of fabric
Underwater Stripes Bag

This bag is another simple project that can be done easily by beginning sewers. This is a big, squishy bag that could be used as a diaper bag, or just a large tote for all your carrying needs. You’ll need a ½ yard of each of two differently colored fabrics to create the stripes, a ½ yard of interior fabric for the lining, and some interfacing fabric. This bag is quite simple to make and the original blog post offers excellent directions.
For more information on this purse pattern, visit Sew Sweetness.

Credits: My Cotton Creations, Elm Street Life, Sewn Up, Sew It Love It, CraftFoxes, and Sew Sweetness.

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