Orange is the New Black — Party Crafts to Celebrate Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure

Posted by on Aug 13, 2014

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Recently a group of designers and bloggers got together to share some great ideas for crafts and parties to celebrate their addiction to the popular Netflix show, Orange Is the New Black. Enjoy the blog hop and get inspired ... Season 3 isn't being released until next June, so there's plenty of time for season 1 and 2 marathons!

OITNB party decorations, orange is the new black dinner party
Here's everything you need for an OITNB viewing party, from the tablecloth to the napkins to the drinking straws.

orange is the new black toilet paper sign
The OITNB girls know how to throw a party, and sometimes toilet paper is all you have to make a festive sign.

duct tape slippers, orange is the new black
Those of us on the outside can take full advantage of all the pretty colors and patterns of duct tape on the market to make our slippers.

spicy mexican scrambled eggs recipe
When the top chef changed in the prison cafeteria, the inmates were pretty excited about spicier scrambled eggs — check out this recipe from the Crafty Chica.

orange is the new black, embroidery, pie
Nothing says "I love you" to your paramour like throwing a slice of pie ... this sweet embroidery pattern will remind them.

dessert party decorations
Special cupcakes and sweets can be pretty hard to come by in federal prison, but a dessert party is a really fun way to watch the show together! 

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