Wear Your Pi and Not Eat It, Too

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016

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Did you know that March 14 is Pi Day? While we may love the blueberry-and-crust version of pie, this day honors the mathematical one instead. Before Pi Day pies us in the face, let's don our numeric PrIde by physically wearing our favorite symbol. From t-shirts to bracelets, wearable pi will never disappoint.

Pi Equation Shirt
If you love math, you may just love solving this formula to figure out the hidden message. This pi formula from Doodlecraft is easy to iron onto a basic shirt with heat transfer vinyl. This conversation-starter will leave people puzzled all day with a not-so-obvious message about your so-obvious love of pi.

Pi Belt
A little bit of belt and a whole bunch of numbers can go a long way with this DIY pi belt from Pieces by Polly. Start with either a ready-made belt or some fabric and interfacing to make belt material. Then, using transfer paper and an iron, transfer the numeric value of pi onto the belt. Wearable and made to perfection!

Pi Bracelets
If you want a subtle but educational pi fashion statement, try this pi-bracelet activity from Pink Stripey Socks. Assign colored beads to different numbers and have the kids string them onto cord according to which number comes next in pi's numeric value. Or, use black and white beads to distinguish between odd and even number in the pi sequence. The kids will enjoy learning and later sporting their festive bracelets.

Pi Iron-On Shirt
Easier than painting or sewing on a pi symbol, you can use an iron-on symbol like this one from Welcome to the Mouse House. Download and print the symbol, cut a fabric symbol to match, and iron Heat and Bond onto the wrong side of the symbol before ironing onto the shirt. Simple but effortless!

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