Portable Knits: 6 Easy Knitting Projects You Can Take Anywhere

Posted by on Dec 30, 2022

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Knitting in public is something that you might be bashful about. It’s understandable — you might be worried about getting strange looks from people. But if you enjoy knitting, you should be able to do it wherever you like! If you’re interested in coming out of your knitting shell and showing your hobby and your craft to the world, we'd like to invite you to gear up for a special crafty event. The week from June 8th to June 16th, 2013, is known as Worldwide Knit in Public Week. Isn't this the ideal time to start showing off your knitting skills on the bus, at the movies or in the park? Here are six knitting projects that are simple to work on wherever you are, which also make great knitting projects for beginners.

Blue, red, and purple knitted baby hats with flowers on them
Baby in Bloom Hats

Spring is in the air! And if you have some new nieces and nephews, or a bundle of joy of your own, these Baby in Bloom hats are perfect for their little heads. And this is a great project to work on outside in the spring air because it’s simple and it’s sure to strike up conversations. To work on this hat, you’ll need to bring along some 10.5 or 6.5 mm knitting needles and, of course, yarn in the color of your choice.
You can find the free pattern for the Baby in Bloom hat at All Free Knitting.
Purple knitted tea cozies on teapots
Tea Cozy

Tea isn’t necessarily a warm weather beverage, but in those spring days when there’s still a slight chill in the air, you might want a nice cup of tea out on the patio. And while you’re on your way to work or taking the kids to the playground, you can work on this cozy for your teapot. This is another simple, quick pattern to knit and the tea cozy is a classic knitting pattern. You’ll need some 6 mm needles and yarn to carry in your purse. 
You can find the free pattern for this tea cozy at Ravelry/Patons.
A green lace scarf knitted at the top
Green Lace Scarf

A light scarf is a nice accessory to add to any spring outfit. So why not work on this scarf while you’re out enjoying the sun? Or, you can knit this scarf for the coming winter because it’s always good to be prepared. This scarf is also an easy pattern for beginners and if you’re nervous knitting in public, this will be an easy project to keep up with. You’ll need some 6 mm needles and green yarn for this project. Scarves are great to work on in public because they’re easily transportable. So why not try out this pattern?
You can find the free pattern for this lace scarf on CraftFoxes.
A knitted pocket attached to a fence and containing a flower
Plant Pockets

If you’re feeling really gutsy and want to try out some extreme knitting in public, you can always try your hand at yarn bombing. Put simply, yarn bombing is adding a knitted piece to some kind of public place. This can be a knitted panel on a park bench, a cozy knitted around a lamppost, or these plant pockets on a fence. If you’re skittish about this one, do most of the work at home and then just knit the pocket to the fence when you get there. And don’t forget to bring some flowers!
You can find the pattern for this plant pocket at Heather Powzek Champ's blog.
A purple cup cozy to be wrapped around a travel mug
Cup Cozy

Here is a great knitting project that can be created on-the-go and then used on-the-go, too! This is a reusable cup cozy that can be made to fit any of your favorite travel mugs. You’ll need some 6.5 mm knitting needles and your favorite color of yarn. This is a pretty small project, so it would be perfect to just stuff in your bag before you leave in the morning and then work on whenever you get a chance during your day. 
You can find the pattern for this cup cozy at Red Heart Yarns.
A knitted blue flower among green grass and leaves
Knitted Blue Flowers

This project presents another opportunity for yarn bombing. If you’re feeling gutsy, why not leave this adorable knitted blue flower in the park for someone to find? You can easily spend an afternoon in the park working on this little project and then leave it there for an unsuspecting passerby. You’ll need some 4 mm knitting needles to work on this flower and you can choose any yarn you’d like to create a pop of color somewhere public. Give yarn bombing a try!
You can find the free pattern for this knitted blue flower at NezumiWorld Blog.

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