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Posted by on Apr 28, 2011

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When it comes to your trendy toddler or dashing dumpling, nothing celebrates newborn love quite like a quilt. We totally get that for the trendy crafter, quilts can be about as dull as diaper changes. But they don’t have to be! Straightforward stripes, singular silhouettes and upcycled sensations have all found a home in this practical and inspiring collection of charming quilts.

vintage baby quilt
Vintage Turnover Baby Quilt
Difficulty Level: Medium

This sweet confection of girlishness uses a trellis background design, vintage prints and bright applique flowers as well as 6-inch turnovers to create a quick baby quilt. If you don't feel like fussing with fabric, buy the kit instead.
Grab the free pattern for the vintage turnover baby quilt at FreeQuiltPatterns!
baby quilt with stacked coins
Stacked Coins Baby Quilt
Difficulty Level: Medium

A last-minute bambino regalo, the stacked coins baby quilt from Motionary is a modern take on the old-fashioned craft. The gender-neutral pattern — no fussy flowers or bursting blocks — uses pastel yellow and green rectangles from leftover scrap and stash fabric.
Get a free stacked coins baby quilt pattern from Connecting Threads.
kid quilt with floral fabric
Stripe Baby Quilt
Difficulty Level: Easy

This easy stripe quilt from Jen Burn, comprised of bright print and floral fabrics, is the go-to accessory for any couture crawler. A quick craft project — especially if you utilize the excesses of a quilting stash — the stripe quilt can be customized with more masculine colors or appliqued decorations.
Get a free stripe baby quilt pattern from Lovely Rita Blog.
felted sweater baby quilt
Felted Sweater Baby Quilt
Difficulty Level: Easy

Whether fresh from the thrift store or a back-of-the-closet leftover, knit and fleece sweaters can be a recycler's dream when it comes to quilts for babies and children. The old-school finds are useful because of their soft and warm nature and they’ve also lost factory chemicals and irritants that pester a baby's sensitive skin. 
Grab the free fleece baby quilt pattern at Make Baby Stuff!
frog patchwork baby quilt
Froggie Baby Quilt
Difficulty Level: Medium

Bright blues and green illuminate this playful pond-inspired patchwork quilt by Anna Sue. Simple matte green lily pads are appliqued to the gender-neutral quilt, which could also function as a play mat.
Get a free pattern for creating poofed applique from Sandra Leichner.
windowpane kid quilt
Owl on Branch Windowpane Kid Quilt
Difficulty Level: Medium

Another gender-neutral child's quilt, this time using a window pane background design with a peering, peeking cartoonish owl that's been appliqued to the bottom corner. Created by SheBeDesigns, this whimsical blanket made of soft blue and bright greens uses a button hole stitch and a deep border to enhance its snuggliness.
Get a free windowpane quilt pattern from TLC.
fabric silhouette kid quilt
Fabric Silhouette Quilt
Difficulty Level: Easy

A child’s first night in the "big bed" wouldn't feel quite so alone with a silhouette of her family tucking her in. Consider customizing this unique and easy quilt, created by Sharron Burrows using the outline of your own children, favorite pets or even long-ago vacations.
Get a free pattern for fabric silhouettes from recycled materials from Curbly.
handkerchief kid quilt
Handkerchief Kid Quilt
Difficulty Level: Very Easy

No need for Popsicle sticks and gloppy glue that are admired for a moment but then trashed soon after. As a first craft project, this handkerchief kid quilt smacks of here-to-stay. What young crafter wouldn't treasure this quick but polished sewing project, just like the big guys make? And unlike Trix cereal, this quilt isn't just for kids. Any adult beginner — or even sewers short on time — can proudly complete this project by using stylish prints or recycled fabric.
Get a free pattern for the handkerchief kid quilt from I Have to Say.
young girl embroiders kid quilt
Embroidered by Kids Quilt
Difficulty Level: Easy

Invite older siblings into the prep of a younger brother or sister's arrival by allowing them to sew easy hand-stitch embroidery like hearts or swirls onto a block or border. Perhaps a few practice attempts on unwanted stash fabric are warranted, but there's an earnest charm to the wobbly mistakes of a young but eager crafter.
Get free tips on how to teach your child to embroider from Stitching Cow.

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