Serving Food with Style in Paper Cones

Posted by on May 07, 2011

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Paper serving cones make any snack feel a little bit fancier, even if they are inspired by the newspaper to-go containers from fish and chip shops. I like to use them for cocktail parties, because you can easily hold them as you go about your business. If you'd like to learn how to make paper cones, it’s only slightly more complicated than folding a letter. (You still remember how to do that, right?) Just roll, tape and go.

Pick out your paper
If you’re making cones on the fly, then any square scrap paper will do. No one’s going to judge. But I went out and got origami paper just for this occasion. Not only are the patterns cute, but the near 6″ squares produce a cone that fits nicely in a wine glass (for an even fancier presentation, or for bringing out on a tray).

Find the origami paper pack here.
paper cone for serving food
Bring one side to the middle
This is such an easy step that I don’t know what else to say here. Just place the printed-side down and bring the right corner to the middle.
Paper cone for serving food
Fold over the other corner and tape
You’re going to bring the left corner to the right, overlapping to form a cone shape. Tape along the edge to secure. Fill with the snack of your choice (I’m partial to sweet potato fries lately) and present the cone in a wine glass or tumbler. Or, just hold and eat.

Get a good recipe for sweet potato fries from

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