Share Your Holiday Cleaning Tips and Win a Bissell Upright Deep Cleaning Machine

Posted by on Dec 12, 2014

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The great thing about holiday parties is that you get to catch up friends and family you haven't seen in ages. There are old stories to tell and new gifts to open, as well as plenty of food and drink. And along with those holiday cookies come crumbs, and with that holiday punch there are spills, which means when all the fun is over, someone is going to have to clean up.

That's why CraftFoxes and Bissell are teaming up to give away a Bisell Upright Deep Cleaner and Scotchguard Protector to one lucky host or hostess. (That's a retail value of $220.)

What do you have to do to win a Bissell Upright Cleaner?

1. Visit Bissell's page and take a look at what you might be able to win.

2. Come back to CraftFoxes and leave a comment with your tip about cleaning for the holidays or holiday prep or even why having an upright cleaner would make your life easier. (You'll have to log in to leave a comment, but you can do so with Facebook, Twitter or Google+).

Not sure what kind of tip to leave? Don't worry, we'll give a few suggestions to get you started.

-- Remove the decorations with care. You may want to grab the Christmas lights and give them a strong tug or pluck off the ornaments like you're picking oranges, but chances are you'll make less of a mess if you remove everything with as much mindfulness as you put it up.

-- Check for stains sooner rather than later. You don't want the wine or punch to settle in your upholstery or carpets or drapes for a week, or even overnight if you can help it. You may want to leave all the cleaning to the morning, but if Aunt Selma dropped her cappuccino on the recliner and didn't tell anyone, you want to start dabbing things up with a fabric cleaner and towels before the night is over. (Of course, if you have a Bissell Upright Cleaner, well, you get the drift.)

-- Take care of the food table. Leaving out perishables overnight is only going to create an odor, entice your pets (or other animals that may be scurrying around the house) into a feeding frenzy and, of course, waste a lot of food. Power through that extra half-hour or hour to wrap up the rump roast and toss the punch glasses in the dishwasher.

Now we want to hear your holiday clean-up ideas! Please visit Bissell's Upright Cleaner page and then come back here to leave your ideas in the comments. You have until Dec. 31 to enter.

(Contest is limited to U.S. residents.)

Bissell upright cleaner giveaway
Thank you BISSELL for sponsoring today’s giveaway and post on holiday entertaining cleanup!

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  • by ashley.kolpak
    User profile

    I have a household full of pets, and there is always messes to clean up, being able to deep clean the carpet is a must, I need one of these!

  • by gods_smile
    User profile

    For your dessert table, pre-slice pies, cakes, and other sweet treats so that everyone is able to get a piece and their won't be any arguments that one got more than the other. I like to clean up as I cook that way it is less to clean dinner is over. Start your cleaning early. Clean from the top so that dust falls. Then vacuum so that your carpet is cleaned before you deep clean. That way, your house is spotless and smelling fabulous for your holiday guests! Then once everyone leaves, go over your carpet with your deep cleaner in the area where the guests was in the most to get up any stains that was left and just clean your carpet every 6 months or whenever you feel the need to deep clean!

  • by amy.pugmire
    User profile

    One my clean up tips is Wrap garlands around a piece of cardboard and layer them in an ornament box; if they're too large then you can wrap them in clear plastic. This would be such a great lifesaver in our home with Three little ones we are constantly having spills and accidents. This would help me worry a titch bit less :)

  • by melantz
    User profile

    I would deep clean my room because I will be having my 3rd child anytime & want to have my house clean.

  • by adoredmemories
    User profile

    Having been ill most of this year, abd not been able to do much. A deep clean of my carpet would be a Godsend

  • by vintagezest
    User profile

    For holiday prep, the family always splits up work so it is manageable! Anything that can be delegated is, so we have as stress-free of a holiday as possible!

  • by pokeystackle
    User profile

    This year we moved into a new house with white carpets. Nice but not nice. With two dogs and a small child the carpets don't have a chance. Having a Bissel cleaner would make things so much easier to manage. Also there would be great cost savings as I would have to get the carpets professionally cleaned all the time.

  • by granchris
    User profile

    I think the best carpet tip is don't let stains set in. Blot them up right away with paper towells, a lot of them. When it comes to the kitchen use a lot of paper, disposable if you are short on time. I like cooking and doing dishes is no problem for me. I buy a lot of white washcloths and bleach them. Delegate, delegate, delegate. It might not be your perfect way but it will be OK. Enjoy the Holidays. My vacum cleaner is 30 years old. Do you think I need a new one?

  • by thewellhunt
    User profile

    I delegate set-up, cleaning, food prep, etc. to make each task more manageable.

  • by erockspellmaster
    User profile

    Getting a new upright vacuum would really help me for the holidays. With all the visitors, crumbly cookies and shoes worn through the house, I need a good vacuum to help me combat the dirt and grime!

  • by erin2470
    User profile

    My biggest tip is to clean while you're prepping so you're never overwhelmed by the dishes and mess

  • by walksaloneatnight
    User profile

    My biggest tip is to have a plan of attack. As a mother of a toddler who likes to entertain guests without as much mess, I make a list of what I'll need to prepare as well as to clean up and delegate tasks to those who offer help. We don't have the funds for professional house cleaning, so a Bissell Steamer would greatly reduce our unsightly stains!

  • by ckeow316
    User profile

    I love to have people over and one thing I like to do beforehand is to use a homemade mopping solution with essential oils to make my home smell festive and clean. I would LOVE a Bissell to help me get my carpeted floors as clean.

  • by margie2092
    User profile

    I have a husky and an English bulldog so a carpet deep cleaner would be great with all the dirt and grime my guys bring in. Right now I use a mix of Borax and baking powder to get up the doggie odors.

  • by gypsy2160
    User profile

    I have a older dog and that means accidents! This machine would save my back and keep my carpets and home fresh smelling. Leaving me more time to enjoy my old friend :)

  • by theresanor
    User profile

    I'd love to have one because of all the people and animal traffic.