Sugar Cookie Recipes for National Sugar Cookie Day

Posted by on Jul 05, 2012

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July 9th is National Sugar Cookie Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a plateful of delicious, fresh baked cookies? There's a sugar cookie for every person's tastes: crispy, thin, chewy, soft, flavored, plain, iced... you name it! Here are six mouth-watering sugar cookie recipes to get you in the spirit.

soft and fluffy sugar cookies with whipped cream frosting
Soft and Fluffy Sugar Cookies

This recipe is best for those who crave thick, soft sugar cookies. Enjoy them plain or with a delicious layer of creamy whipped cream cheese frosting. Pay close attention to the sugar cookie tips included in the recipe for flawless, melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies.
Get the recipe for these soft and fluffy sugar cookies at Mel's Kitchen Cafe.
chewy buttermilk sugar cookies rolled in sugar
Chewy Buttermilk Sugar Cookies

This recipe takes a small twist on the traditional chewy sugar cookie recipe with the addition of buttermilk. These sugar cookies are great for those who prefer a softer, more moist cookie. Roll in sugar or decorate with sprinkles for added decoration.
Learn how to make these chewy buttermilk sugar cookies with Cooking Channel TV.
vegan sugar cookies with vegan icing
Vegan Sugar Cookies

Do you have special dietary needs? No fear, because you can still enjoy delicious sugar cookies! This recipe includes a vegan-friendly sugar cookie recipe that is every bit as soft and delicious as traditional sugar cookies. If you're craving something a little sweeter, frost with this vegan-friendly icing. Always make sure to double check labels for ingredients you'd like to avoid.
Get the recipe for vegan sugar cookies from Tablespoon.
brown sugar cookies
Brown Sugar Cookies

Give your traditional sugar cookies some flair with this brown sugar cookie recipe. This recipe utilizes browned butter and dark brown sugar for a nutty, caramel flavor. These sugar cookies have the perfect combination of crisp edges and a soft, chewy center.
Try these brown sugar cookies with help from Live Love Pasta.
lemon sugar cookies rolled in sugar
Lemon Sugar Cookies

Add a little zest to your sugar cookies with this lemon sugar cookie recipe. Rolled in sugar, these cookies are great for those who aren't a fan of frosted cookies. The light lemon flavor comes from lemon zest and fresh lemon juice and isn't too overwhelming. Enjoy these for a light, refreshing treat.
Get the lemon sugar cookie recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod.
chocolate sugar cookies with royal icing
Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Are you tired of the same old sugar cookies? Then these are perfect for you! These sugar cookies are soft, buttery, and have just a hint of chocolate flavor. Pair them with the traditional confectioner's frosting or with this great royal icing for a cleaner look. This recipe also contains great tips on how to make the perfect frosting and thus frost the perfect cookie.
Learn how to make chocolate sugar cookies at Joy of Baking.

Photo credit (from top): Average Betty, Mel's Kitchen Cafe, Cooking Channel TV, Tablespoon, Live Love Pasta, Two Peas and Their Pod, Joy of Baking

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