Fruity Summer Cocktails and Crafting — A Creative Pairing

Posted by on Jul 10, 2015

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As the summer months wane, it's time to start planning the last parties of the season. Kick back with your friends and family and enjoy these beautifully concocted fruity cocktails. While relaxing, fit in a bit of craft time and try your hand at the add-ons that go along with the drinks.

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Frozen Banana Margarita

You can't have a party without a margarita. Adding bananas, lemon and lime juice, and orange-flavored liquor is unexpected and screams summer! All Recipes has the list of ingredients you will need.

I predict this drink will be a hit at your next party — to help your guests keep track of their glasses, make these cork glass charms

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Virgin Royal Hawaiian Cocktail

Not all summer cocktails need to have alcohol in them. Try out this majorly delicious pineapple cocktail. Feel like giving this drink some extra flair? Visit Huffington Post and learn how to make a cocktail umbrella to garnish the glass. Upload your creation to our Projects page!

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Fans of the classic Michelada (beer and hot sauce) will love this recipe! Mix the super spicy Sriracha sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Kosher salt and lime juice into a traditional Spanish lager to enjoy this cocktail. Visit Bon Appetit for the whole recipe.

While sitting around the table with your guests, make some newspaper sombreros and turn your party into a true fiesta!

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Absolut Peppar Bloody Mary

The classic Bloody Mary gets an update from Absolut Peppar-flavored vodka. This lemon-and-lime-infused cocktail is generally enjoyed earlier in the day, so don't feel guilty about sipping a bit before the sun sets.

Set up your sewing machine and craft some cocktail napkins to match the ruddy look of this hearty cocktail.
What interesting garnishes will you add to your cocktail?

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Blanca Julep

This lime-juice-infused drink was crafted for Kentucky Derby gatherings, but it will fit in perfectly at your next summer shindig. The tones of mint and lime are refreshing in warm weather, and cutting the bourbon with club soda minimizes the taste of alcohol for those that do not care for strong drinks. Food and Wine has the Blanca Julep recipe in its entirety.

In addition to mint leaves, learn how to make a spiral lemon garnish for the rim. 

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