The Best Videos to Learn Finger-Knitting (Plus Beginner Projects)

Posted by on Apr 04, 2015

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Vickie Howell Finger Knitting


Arm-knitting may have received a lot of attention over the past couple of years, yet finger-knitting can be just as much fun and it's a great way for kids (and adults) to learn a new craft. Without any needles or hooks, there's little worry about accidents - plus it's a very portable way to stay busy.

We've rounded up some of the best videos to learn finger-knitting, as well as a few projects to get started. If you want more ideas for finger-knitting projects, check out the new book "Finger Knitting Fun" buy one of the instructors featured below, Vickie Howell.

Vickie Howell demonstrates how easy it is to get started finger knitting with yarn and two hands. You can also see other finger-knitting projects that can be made, such as pillows, scarves, toys and more.

In case you want finger knitting explained in a charming English accent with a close-up shot, Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art has a quick primer that also includes a section on what to do when you want to transfer the knitted yarn off of your fingers.

A finger-knitted friendship bracelet is a great finger-knitting beginner project, since it's relatively simple and you'll have something to show for your work pretty quickly. This Needlepointers video shows how to make a BFF bracelet with one, two or three yarns. You can also thread a bead onto the bracelet for a stylish accent.

Using finger knitting, you can make an infinity scarf in a half-hour, which makes a great gift (or an easy way to stay warm). The EasyMeWorld teaches how to create the knitted cylinder with Lion Brand Yarn and then tie the ends together.

For those who are wondering if it's possible to make anything wider than a sausage with finger knitting, it is. Kristin from GoodKnitKisses teaches how to connect the finger-knitted panels in this tutorial for making a blanket. You'll probably need stitch makers to help keep track of your work.

Audra Kurtz of The Kurtz Corner explains how to make a flower headband with some Lion Brand Yarn and store-bought base. You'll need to use a hot glue gun, so this is one project kids should probably not do without a little supervision.

If your earlobes are turning into icicles, Simply Maggie explains how to finger knit an ear warmer in 15 minutes. You can use one or two colors. Maggie opts for a combination of Lion Brand Thick and Quick and Bernat Roving.

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