The Most Astounding 'Jersey Shore' Crafts

Posted by on Aug 05, 2011

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There comes a time when you decide to let Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the "Jersey Shore" crew into your life every day. When you want to make Sunnyside a permanent part of your soil. But how? Consider the "It's T-shirt Time" wall decal. You would think that most "juice-heads" wouldn't need to know what time it is whenever they go to get a Slushie. On the other hand, the Fist Pump Eco Felt Pillow (up top) keeps things subtle. To help you on your GTL journey, we've decided to collect the most jaw-dropping "Jersey Shore" creations. Some are tasty. Some are grenades. You decide.
To start things off, there's no arguing with a classic. 'Dis Asbury Park belt buckle is enough to bring a tear to The Boss' big mug. Go and let everyone else wear their heart on their sleeve. This lets you wear it on your gut, where it counts. Hopefully right on top of your six-pack.
Free snooki Heineken bottle cap earrings
Marshall McLuhan once said "The medium is the message." What does that mean? That means there's no better way to say "Free Snooki" than with a pair of Heineken Bottle Cap Earrings (made by BrooklynAlienArt). What exactly is Snooki being freed from? Um, maybe her own vices, which brings us back to the Heinekens. See, it's magic like dat.
Pauly D Blowout
This Pauly D blowout prop (by KittyDuneCuts) is for those who want to fake a good look when they're in a photo booth instead of getting their gel on all the time. What can you do about wannabes?
Situation Onesie
There's no better way to say "Your future livelihood depends on your ability to maintain an unnervingly taught six-pack" than with this Situation onesie (made by BeautyMarkCreations). Yo, what infant wouldn't appreciate the early heads up?
Jersey Shore wine glass
Got your hands on a sweet Chianti and not sure how to impress those wine snoots? Consider a set of the "Jersey Shore" wine glasses (made by Braintees), which always keeps things clazzy. 
Trying to show off your style in a club full of goombahs? No better way to prove you gots it going on than with a selection from the "Jersey Shore Cufflink Collection" (made by Notalgiclinks). Now that The Situation has a deal to rep tuxedos, he's gonna need a way to keep it real.
St. Snooki Prayer Candle
Want to be assured that your poof will stand above the rest of those trashy broads? Then light up the Saint Snooki Prayer Candle (made by Qassa), guaranteed to keep your hair flying high.
Jersey Shore nesting dolls
Nesting dolls are reportedly a combination of Russian and Japanese traditions, but that doesn't mean you can't bring some guido flava to those little hunks of wood. Check out this family of Jersey Shore Nesting Dolls (made by VanMarch), in which Snooki gives birth to The Situation who gives birth to JWOWW. It's truly boodeeful.
wanna smush earrings
OK, so maybe this ain't exactly hand-crafted thingamabob jewelry, but who can pass up "Wanna Smush" Earrings? It's perfect for those times when you're slurring so much you just need to point to your ears to make your point.

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