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Posted by on May 13, 2011

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Yarn bombing: graffiti’s more cuddly sibling. Done under the cover of night, knitters meet to “tag” everything from tricycles to trees. Though it’s still technically vandalism in most cities, we like to think of it as spontaneous public art. Here are our favorite examples.

granny square fence
Granny Squares on the Fence

If you want to dip your toe into the yarn bombing world, start with granny squares. Make ‘em on your own time, then stretch onto a nearby chain-link fence, using a simple straight stitch to attach the patches.
granny square fence
Granny Squares, Revisited

Though a chain-link fence visually echoes the crocheted honeycomb pattern, a bench is an easy target for yarn bombing. Just crochet a long runner of connected granny squares, then tie to a bench back. Comfy.
yarn bombing bench
Frilly Bench Skirt

Though it would make a whimsical addition to a public bench, this skirt of crocheted garland would be just as cute in your backyard. Just remember to remove it before a rainstorm
yarn bombing concrete pillars
The Softer Side of Concrete

Though it seems risky to put crochet cozies on public concrete barriers, this is another yarn bombing project that can be done in advance. Simply crochet tubes to fit the barriers, then slip them on. (Ask your friends to help.)
yarn bombing lawn ornaments
Lawn Ornaments

Crocheted toadstools either send a welcoming or vaguely threatening message to the lawn they end up on. To get them to stand up straight, stake the ‘shrooms into the ground using a skewer or chopstick.
yarn bombing tree
Tree Tube Tops

A bunch of tree “tube tops” look super cool when viewed from afar. Wouldn’t this be a great idea for raising awareness about environmental issues? The canopy of leaves would keep the crochet relatively clean for a little longer than if left completely open to the elements.
yarn bombing fence
Technicolor Iron Fence

An iron gate looks imposing, but not so much when a few posts are wrapped in cozy, bright yarn. To keep the yarn from sliding, keep your stitches nice and tight.
yarn bombing bike rack
“Monster” Bike Rack

For some (hipster?) reason, bike racks are the most common target for yarn bombing. What makes this one unique is the awesome “claws” at the bottom. Like the iron gatre project, you’ll want to keep your stitches tight to prevent the yarn from sliding off the smooth surface.
yarn bombing cow
Cow Cover

You can have a field day yarn bombing public statues (a knitted dress for that stern historical figure, perhaps?) though you definitely need friends to help. And remember to tag your work! Most yarn bombers tuck in a small laminated card to I.D. their creations.

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