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Posted by on Feb 19, 2011

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Choosing to proclaim the commitment between you and your lovey-dovey is an exciting pre-engagement step. So why settle for a boring band or lifeless solitary gem? These promise rings are unique, interesting and eye-catching jewelry that will never let your promise to one another fade into the background.

sphinx promise ring
Sphinx Promise Ring

Imagine this ring on little honey’s hand: outside, a woven, textured pattern and, hidden from the world, an inside of sultry, shimmering Nightfall Blue — isn’t that a great name for a color? I’m sure that’ll be the name of a celebrity’s kid soon enough. ($70, Romas Banaitas)
steampunk promise ring
Steampunk Promise Ring

Made with boiling red taxidermy eyes, this unique ring promises commitment — and lots of commentary. Red not your color? Check out the one with green reptile eyes. Better yet, learn how to make your own steampunk watch ring via Easy Crafts Wiki. ($90, Catherinette Rings)
pinky promise ring
Pinky Promise Ring

I love a good pun, and nothing gets better than a pinky promise promise ring. All right, so maybe it’s not so much punny as just really sweet. Customers can choose from silver or gold for this made-to-order forget-me-knot ring. ($65, White Fly)
cardiogram promise ring
Two Hearts One Heartbeat Promise Ring

Even more challenging than hunting for a gender-neutral promise ring? Finding commitment jewelry that also demonstrates your commitment to the planet. This handmade cardiogram uses recycled silver and subs harsh chemicals for lemon juice and boiled eggs (both organic, I’m sure). ($100, NO Jewelry)
boho chic promise ring
Boho Chic Promise Ring

Bold as brass, this unique promise ring captures the old-soul vibe of vintage jewelry but offers an stylish alternative to the ornate designs of the past. And, at just $12, you’ll still have the moola left to save for the real thing, although it’s probably best to avoid telling sweetums just how little you spent. ($12, Distorted Earth)
embraced promise ring
Embraced Promise Ring

Outside of Brett Michaels, sweet does not often describe metal. But with an assist from a subtle love knot, this unique promise ring offers a soft touch on the primitive material. ($70, Beyond the Rockz)
quarter promise ring
Quarter Promise Ring

In this economy, 25 cents doesn’t seem to go far. But with some old-fashioned know-how, a quarter is all you need to make your very own promise ring. Any large coin will work, and if you grab one from before 1964 you’ll have a genuine silver ring. Love on the cheap! Learn how to make your own quarter ring via YouTube, or get a free tutorial from Instructables.
labradorite promise ring
Magical Forest Promise Ring

Like some mystical prop from a lavish fairy tale, this promise ring made of ever-changing labradorite oscillates from blues to greens, depending on how the light hits it. Now all you need are some wispy skirts and a frazzled hairdo, and you’ll be ready for the Ren Fair in no time! ($25, Inmost Light)
promise ring bead kit
Miyuki Beaded Ring Kit

DIY disease got you down — lots of gumption matched with little skill? Consider making your promise ring via a beading kit. You come up with scissors, a ruler and a toothpick, and they give you the pattern and supplies. Don’t want to be boxed in by a kit? Get free instructions for a wire cluster ring from WikiHow or a free video from Jewelry DIY. ($13, Beadaholique)
promise ring box
Antique Book Ring Box

Even if you DIY a promise ring from electrical wire (the tutorial really exists!), you may sneak by on creativity points if its settled in a unique ring box. Consider this hollowed book from Once Wed as the bed for your ring to rest upon. Or you can just use pudding or some other squishy desserts. 

Still panting after that upcycled electrical wire ring? Get the free tutorial from ecouterre!

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