Upcycle a Liquor Bottle into an Oil Lantern

Posted by on Nov 04, 2011

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Jennifer Levy / DIY Life


A liquor bottle with a unique shape can easily be turned into a funky, upcycled alternative to a traditional oil lantern. Excerpted from "DIY Life" by Danny Seo, here is a fast and easy tutorial for making your home shine with all the goodness of a DIY lantern using a Patrón bottle.

Materials and Tools:

-Empty Patrón bottle
-Cotton wick
-Metal washer
-Lamp oil

Step 1: Drop the Wick Inside the Bottle

Drop the wick inside the bottle until one end touches the bottom. Thread metal washer onto wick and slide down until it rests on bottle's top. Trim wick 1/2 inch above the bottle’s opening.

Step 2: Remove Wick

Remove wick with washer and use a funnel to fill bottle with 3 inches of lamp oil.

Step 3: Replace Wick 

Replace wick (make sure washer still rests on bottle). Let oil seep to wick's top before lighting. Never leave a flame unattended, and make sure wick stays 1/2 inch above the washer or it may become a fire hazard.

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