6 West Elm Knockoffs for Your Home

Posted by on Mar 06, 2014

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West Elm, the upscale store that sells contemporary furniture and other housewares, is known for their modern and classy style. Too bad their prices can be a bit too much for the purse to handle! Luckily, there’s a solution out there if you like the West Elm style, but aren’t too keen on their prices. If you have a knack for DIY projects, here are six West Elm items that you can make on your own with a little craftiness.

A mirror with a striped herringbone border
Herringbone Mirror

A stylishly designed mirror can make or break a living room. West Elm offers one such mirror with a herringbone pattern all around the frame. The West Elm mirror costs about $300, but you can make your own herringbone mirror for just $7. This DIY tutorial uses a simple mirror that you can find at a thrift store or even at Target. You’ll need wood veneer to attach to the mirror, wood stain, and about a yard of fabric with a herringbone print. Simply attach the veneer to the outside edges of the mirror and then glue the fabric onto the border of the mirror.
For more information on this West Elm knockoff, visit Teal & Lime.
A dining room set with a brown area rug decorated with green stripes
West Elm Rug

Area rugs can really change the look and feel of any room. You can even layer them on top of carpeting to create a new design depth. West Elm offers lots of interesting area rug options, but they can run into the very high price ranges. To create your own area rug with tribal patterns, simply find the cheapest version of a knobbly jute rug that you can. Tape off the edges where you want to paint on your stripes, then tape off equal sections across the rest of the rug. Paint zigzags in those spaces, then make a parallel zigzag and keep painting.
For more information on this West Elm knockoff, visit Vintage Revivals.
A bed with a white headboard made up of geometric designs
DIY Morocco Headboard

This Morocco headboard costs upwards of $300 on the West Elm website. But one industrious DIY-er made her own headboard for much, much less. This homemade headboard’s main piece is several rubber floor mats from Target. You can certainly find a different rubber floor mat, from a different store, and with a different pattern. Simply cut a piece of plywood to fit the size of your bed and the desired size of your headboard. Then spray paint the rubber mats your desired color and mount them to the wood. Then, simply affix the headboard to your wall.
For more information on this West Elm knockoff, visit Kara Paslay Designs.
A young girl sitting on a polka dot oversized pouf
Oversized Pouf

Back in the day, bean bag chairs were all the rage for kids’ rooms. Apparently they’re still in vogue, as evidenced by this oversized pouf. If you find this pouf through West Elm, you’ll be paying a pretty penny. But you can make one of you own for the price of fabric and stuffing. Simply find a fabric that you like and sew it together in the shape and size you’d like your pouf to be. Then you can stuff the pouf with cotton, foam, beans, packing peanuts, or — like the original blogger did — old blankets. When you’re finished, you’ll have a cozy place to sit in a reading nook or basement hangout. 
For more information on this West Elm knockoff, visit The Shabby Creek Cottage.
A white nightstand with a wooden mosaic decorating the drawer fronts
Wood-Tiled Dresser

This mosaic, wood-tiled dresser looks really great in any modern bedroom. From West Elm, this dresser would cost you about $900. But if you have a sharp eye at the thrift store, yard sale, or antique market, you can make your own for considerably less. Once you have your dresser, you’ll need some paint, some glue, and plenty of scrap wood. Cut out your wooden pieces in small, rectangular shapes that can be fitted together like a puzzle. This might take some time, but the finished product will look awesome. When you’re completely finished putting your wood mosaics together, just paint the dresser in a desired color.
For more information on this West Elm knockoff, visit East Coast Creative.
A glass lamp with a white lampshade
Glass Lamp

This DIY lamp is a great accent piece for a living room or a bedroom. This lamp could cost you $150 at West Elm, but you can make it for about $18, the cost of a lamp kit from a home improvement store. In addition, you will need a glass jug from a thrift store, or one that you have lying around the house. You’ll need to carefully drill a hole in the bottom of your glass jug. Once you have your hole, just follow the instructions on your lamp kit. Soon enough you’ll have a stylish new lamp to light any home in your room. 
For more information on this West Elm knockoff, visit The Thrifty Abode.

Credits: Teal & Lime, Vintage Revivals, Kara Paslay Designs, The Shabby Creek Cottage, East Coast Creative, and The Thrifty Abode.


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