Get Wrapped up in Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorials (VIDEOS)

Posted by on Oct 24, 2015

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Jewelry makers are no strangers to using wire, but can you imagine all of the different ways to use wire when making jewelry? Wire wrapping is a cool jewelry-making technique that involves bending and twisting wire around stones and beads or into freeform shapes. The possibilities are endless: you can form spirals or frame a stone pendant in a wire cage.

If you're looking for wire-wrapping instruction, check out Beadaholique for all of your bead, supply, and tutorial needs. Look at all of the wire-wrapped tutorials either on the website or on YouTube.

For inspiration, go to the Jewelry category in the Craftys sponsored by Beadaholique. Now, let's get wrapped up in jewelry making!

The wire-wrapping technique is frequently used in making dream-catcher pendants, and here's a video on how to make a wire-wrapped dream catcher pendant from Beadaholique's YouTube channel. This pendant features intricate wire wrapping and a small turquoise bead. Fulfill your dreams when wrapping this little dream catcher, and remember to have fun!

For another cool piece of wire-wrapped jewelry, try your hand at this adjustable swirl ring from YouTube user Jocelyn D. While this tutorial makes a size-9 ring, this wire-wrapped piece can adjust to your ring size. This little gem will look perfect and delicate on any finger and with any outfit.

Wire-wrapping isn't limited to pendants, so make some stackable rose bangles using this video from YouTube user Abbi Berta. Using only wire and pliers, you can take regular wire and shape it into beautiful wire rose bracelets. Make a bunch for yourself or twist some up for your friends. Everyone will love these lovely bangles and appreciate the wire-wrapped craftiness behind them.

Also from Beadaholique, this spiral wire-wrapped sea glass pendant how-to takes sea glass from admirable to wearable. A simple little spiral keep the sea glass in place, while a wire-wrapped loop allows the pendant to be attached to a chain. Take a little piece of the beach with you wherever you go, and know that you made this gorgeous but special and personal pendant all by yourself.

For elegant and artistic wire-wrapped jewelry, try this wire-wrapped heart pendant from YouTube channel Go Art Yourself. Start with a wire heart form, and then weave complex wire wraps around the heart. This tutorial is not for the faint of heart (pun definitely intended), but once you finish off this masterpiece you'll glow with wire glory.

Adorn your ears with these wire-wrapped scroll earrings from YouTube channel Potomac Bead Company. These adorable earrings feature a little cluster of beads and scroll-like wiring around the earrings for some added interest and texture. You'll love the intricacy of the earrings and reminisce on the techniques you learned and the skills you gained while making them.

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