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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012

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Zombies! They seem to be everywhere these days, from the television, to taking over the world of "Pride and Prejudice." Kids and college students alike have zombie runs and others play zombie tag. So why not include some zombies in your crafting projects? These zombie crafts are great for holding zombie-themed parties, decorating for Halloween or for any occasion. If you just can’t get enough of zombies and want some fun craft projects to work on, here are seven zombie craft ideas to try.

A zombie doll wearing a black dress and with button eyes.
Zombie Doll

This zombie doll is adorable, and slightly scary, for the child in your life who enjoys Halloween. You’ll need some fabric, thread, a bit of felt and some buttons to make this doll. The project is good for beginning sewists who would like a fun project to test out their skills. If you know some kids who’ve read Neil Gaiman’s "Coraline," this zombie doll with button eyes would be a perfect gift. 
For the tutorial and pattern for this zombie craft, visit Craftsy.
Cross stitching that reads,
Zombie Cross Stitch

This gothic-looking cross stitch pattern, which reads "Beware of Zombies," would be a great addition to a front door or hallway. If you want to give some trick-or-treaters a bit of a thrill and a story to tell when they get home, hang up the cross stitching outside on Halloween. 
The free pattern for this zombie craft can be found at About.com.
A keychain shaped like a brain, painted green and cut into two pieces.
Zombie Keychains

Remember friendship necklaces with two halves of a heart? You could give one half to your best friend and keep the other one for yourself. Well here is a fun, zombified twist on that craze: give your BFF half of a zombie heart! This keychain is molded from polymer clay and painted to look like a brain. All you need is some oven-bake clay, paint, two eye screw hooks and two keychains. 
For a complete supply list for this zombie craft, visit Cut Out & Keep.
Paper snowflake cut with the shapes of zombie faces.
Zombie Snowflake

If you feel like Christmas is just too cheery and would be more interesting with some zombies included in your decorations, check out this zombie craft. It’s a paper snowflake with a risen-from-the-dead look. All you need for this craft is some paper, the zombie snowflake pattern and scissors. Give your Christmas a more spooky feel, or inject a Christmas vibe into your Halloween party! 
For the printable zombie craft pattern, visit Pizza By The Slice.
A red hair bow with a zombie green heart in the middle.
Zombie Hair Bow

Bows can be a cute accessory to brighten up your hairdo. Or they can be an awesome, zombie-themed Halloween decoration you can wear on your head! All you need to make this zombie hair bow is some sculpting clay and a hair bow, perhaps from the dollar store. Simply sculpt your clay into a zombie heart shape and hot glue it to your bow. 
For directions for this zombie craft, visit Cut Out & Keep
A bowl made from clay with coiled orange clay on top to look like a brain.
Zombie Brain Bowl

Here is the perfect solution for where to keep your Halloween candy! For this zombie craft, you’ll need sculpting clay, some paint to color the bowl and clear spray paint to set the colors. Keep something here, and it’ll always be on your mind (wink wink).
For more instructions on this zombie craft, visit Cut Out & Keep.
Chocolate cupcakes with pink candy arms rising out of them.
Zombie Cupcakes

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without some delectable zombie snacks! These spooky cupcakes are easy to make and would be the perfect addition to a Halloween party snack table. Simply make and frost some cupcakes, and then craft some candy melts into the shape of arms and hands on wax paper. When they’ve set, simply peel them off and add them to the cupcakes!
For more instructions on this zombie craft, visit Cute Food for Kids

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