Christmas Tree Coat Rack

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Needing a coat rack, I decided to try my hand at a DIY hanger using my lovely but unneeded Christmas tree. Yes, my Christmas tree was still hanging around long after the holidays. A few snip-snips, and I had a sturdy, scenty coat rack with the rustic look I love so much. A custom tree skirt can hide the plastic planter.
- Drop cloth (optional)
- Leftover Christmas tree or sturdy branch
- Christmas tree stand
- Pruning shears or sturdy scissors
- Grill brush

Step 1

If working inside, place a drop cloth underneath the tree to catch the numerous pine needles that will fall. Everywhere.
Plant your Christmas tree firmly in the stand, making sure it doesn't lean in any direction but is instead straight, and secure the stand.

Step 2

Using the pruning shears, trim all branches to about 3- to 5-inches from the trunk, and clip any branches that bend or can't support weight as branches will snap when the tree dries several months from now.
Stagger your branch hooks all over the tree so that clothes aren't clumped on all one side, which could cause the coat rack to lean.
With the branches trimmed to desired length, run a grill brush or coare scrubber along the tree stem and branches to remove any small pine stems.

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    I love this idea but, please rename it. Don't leave Christ out of Christmas.