DIY Headband with T-Shirt Yarn

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Start off with a project that can be as simple or as detailed as you like: a fun, comfy headband with three great embellishment options that can be made to match any outfit.
- Hand-dyed T-shirt yarn
- Plastic headbands
- Heavy-duty double-sided tape
- Fabric marker
- Scissors

Source: Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn | Design Originals

Step 1

Start to tape
Apply a long strip of double-sided tape (with backing left on one side) to the inside edge of one end of the headband, approximately 1" (25mm) in. Wrap the tape around the bottom to the front edge. Continue applying tape along the top of the headband, wrapping it back around the opposite end of the headband and trimming.

Step 2

Start the yarn
Remove the backing from the tape and press one end of a T-shirt yarn strip, unrolled, into the tape.

Step 3

Wrap the yarn
Wrap the yarn up around the end of the headband, and continue wrapping it around the headband, ending either in the center of the headband or off to one side depending on the desired embellishment style. The seam will be covered with the embellishment.

Step 4

Repeat, wrapping the yarn around the headband from the opposite end until the two strips meet. Press the yarn into the tape to assure strong adhesion. Now you have your basic headband to embellish as desired.

Step 5

Use one of these three embellishment options or think up your own! There is an embellishment for every personality. The Fun Fob is totally funky; the Spirals are sophisticated; and the Lots of Knots are somewhere in between.
Create one 1 3/4" (44mm) spiral, one 1 1/2" (38mm) spiral, and one 2" (51mm) S spiral (1" [25mm]) per half of S). Glue the two spirals over the seam of the headband, placing their raw edges together. Glue the S spiral on top of the spirals.

Step 6

Lots of knots
Knot on yarn strips. Cover the crown of the headband by tying multiple short yarn strips around it. Secure each strip with a double knot as shown.
Knot the ends. Then, tie overhand knots to the loose ends of each strip, sliding the knot down close to the headband and trimming the excess above the knot. If you like, make them in different lengths.

Step 7

Fun fob
Cut eight 10" (254mm) strips of yarn and gather them at the center point. Wrap another 10" (254mm) strip around the crown of the headband and over the center of the strips, then tie a double knot to secure the eight strips to the headband. Tie overhand knots to the end of each strip, sliding the knot down to about 1" (25mm) above the headband and trimming the excess above the knot. Wrap another 10" (254mm) strip around the bottom of all of the strips, parallel to the headband, and tie a double knot. (This will boost the eight strips so that they do not lie flat against the headband.) Trim the ends of this double knot and add a drop of glue.

Step 8

This T-shirt yarn how-to is excerpted with permission from "Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn: How to Create Fabulous Fabric Accessories"

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