Fixing Red Eye

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Red eye occurs when you take a photograph using the camera’s flash at night or indoor. It is evidenced by a person’s pupils showing as red instead of black, and it can spoil an otherwise lovely photo. In many cases it’s unavoidable, but luckily Photoshop Elements has all the tools you need to fix the problem.
Excerpted from "Scrapbooking" by Helen Bradley, published by Sellers Publishing. Images by Helen Bradley.

Step 1

This photo was taken indoors in low light conditions with a flash. The result is a pretty portrait that’s marred by the fact that both eyes are
unnaturally red. The photo needs fixing.

Step 2

With your image open in Photoshop Elements, click the Red Eye Removal
tool in the Toolbar. Notice that the cursor changes to a crosshair shape. Click on the first problem eye to fix it.

Step 3

If the fixed area is too small or too large, adjust the Pupil Size value
in the Tool Options Bar. Increase the Pupil Size percentage to make the area bigger and reduce the percentage to make it smaller. If desired, increase the Darken Amount to darken the area more and decrease it to make it less dark.

Step 4

Here, we have fixed both eyes and, as you can see, the photo looks much better than it did previously.

Step 5

When the Red Eye Removal tool is selected you can click the Auto button on the Tool Options Bar and Photoshop Elements will attempt to locate and fix the red eye problem automatically. This isn’t always successful and, if not, you will need to use the procedure outlined here.

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