How To Make A Macrame Plant Hanger

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Macrame plant hangers and wall hangings are a great way to spruce up your home or outdoor space. If you’re a plant lover and already have plenty of plants in your home, adding a macrame hanging can add extra levels to your home and plant selection!
If you’re someone who considers themselves craft - and you’re also a bit house proud - this is a great way to test your skills. Making macrame plant hangers is a very cathartic process, and it’s great if you’re looking for a way to unwind while simultaneously making something beautiful for your home.
I often make these and you can see my Macrame Plant Hanger on my website.


Step 1

Have a look for macrame plant hanger inspiration on the internet, so you can get an idea of what you might like to create.

Step 2

Cut 8 pieces of your twine or cotton cord. You can make these as long as you like depending on the space you’re working with. I always like to make hangers that end up being about 2.5 ft, so I give myself around 5ft to work with.

Step 3

Take your metal or wooden ring and put all 8 pieces of cord through the middle, so the ring sits evenly between the pieces of cord.

Step 4

Here, you can add a simple step or a more complicated knot. If you’re feeling brave, try a square knot pattern for about 5 cm. If you want to stay simple, simply tie a knot to secure all 8 strands - add a bead then tie another knot to secure it of you like.

Step 5

You will now have 16 stands of cords now you’ve looped it through a ring. Divide the 16 strands into 4 groups of 4. These will provide a 4 column structure that will support your plant pot.

Step 6

In each group of 4, about 30cm down the strands, tie a knot. If you managed to master the square knot at the top, why not try this for another 5cm.

Step 7

Now split each group in two and tie with two strands from the group next to it. You can either use a simple knot or, again, a square knot.

Step 8

You’ll start to see a net form as you continue to do this all the way around. If you like, you can measure how many times you do this dependant on the size of your pot.

Step 9

Place your pot in and measure where you should gather your pieces of string/cord. You can again, either do this with a large knot (where you gather all the pieces of cord and tie a knot. Or, you can do a neat gathering knot.

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