Popsicle Recipe — Blood Orange Ice Pops

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Make these blood orange ice pops to cool you off during hot summer days! The refreshing taste of orange popsicles is a great recipe to make whether you're throwing a party for adults or kids.
Makes about nine 3-ounce ice pops
1/2 cup 2:1 Simple Syrup (page 18), cooled
21/4 cups fresh blood orange juice (from 6 to 
8 blood oranges)
1/8 teaspoon kosher salt
About 30 segments of blood, cara cara, or other variety of orange (see below)

Step 1

Make the base
In a medium nonreactive bowl, combine 
6 tablespoons of the simple syrup, the juice, and the salt. Stir until well combined and the salt has dissolved.

Step 2

Taste the base. It should taste just a bit too sweet (once frozen, it will lose some of its sweetness). Add the remaining simple syrup if you need it.

Step 3

Freeze the ice pops
Add 2 or 3 orange slices or segments to each ice pop mold. (Don’t add too many or the pops will be hard and icy. Leave room so that you end up with more juice than fruit in each pop.)

Step 4

Strain the base through a fine-mesh strainer into a liquid measuring cup. Pour into the ice pop molds, insert the sticks, and freeze until completely solid, about 4 hours. Unmold just before serving.

Step 5

Reprinted with permission from "Sweet Cream & Sugar Cones" by Kris Hoogerhyde, Anne Walker, and Dabney Gough, copyright © 2012. Published by Ten Speed Press, a division of Random House, Inc. Photo: Paige Green © 2012.

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