Stash-Busting 'Attack the 'Block' Crochet Blanket (Free Pattern)

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In Craft for the Soul: How to Get the Most Out of Your Creative Life, Pip Lincolne discusses how she uses crafts to focus on goals and achieve happiness.
"We can benefit from relaxing into things and going with the flow sometimes," Lincolne explains. "But overall goal-setting is really important. Your goals might be big and loose, like ‘Be happy’, or they might be smaller, like ‘Remember to eat breakfast.’ Perhaps they’re precise: ‘Become a brain surgeon.’ Nice. Goals are good."
This crocheted blanket pattern, featured in "Craft for the Soul," helps you both get into a flow state and set goals.
For more advice and craft ideas, check out Pip Lincolne's book Craft for the Soul.
Oddments of yarn or around 12 × 50 g balls of yarn
(I use DK)
-- A 3.5 mm crochet hook
-- Yarn needle with a large eye
-- Scissors
-- Something nice on the telly
More Info: Not sure how to get started with crocheting and making a chain stitch? Check out The Best Videos to Learn How to Crochet.

Step 1

A. Chain 63.
B. Skip the first stitch. Treble once into each stitch until the end of
the row.
C. Chain two and turn. Treble once into the back loop of each
stitch in the row below. Each stitch has two loops – you only
want to crochet through the back one. Do this all the way along
the row, then chain two and turn.
D. Repeat until you have 12 rows. They’ll be lovely and textured and
neat. Go you!

Step 2

Make 24 rectangles.
Sew them into rows of three with neat whipstitches.
Then sew these rows together, matching joins and edges
neatly. Weave in any loose threads with a yarn needle.
Marvel at your gorgeous work and get cosy!
Note: You could make this in three strips and change colour as you
go – but I like the hand-sewn, patchy effect of having individual

Step 3

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