How to Create a Shop on CraftFoxes

We love that you are interested in selling your goods on CraftFoxes, and it's easy to set up a shop. 

We want to create a special place for crafters, vintage enthusiasts, artists, hand makers, admirers, and those eager to learn.

The first 50 listings are free! 
Please review the Fee Policy associated with selling at CraftFoxes before opening a shop as you agree to all terms by opening your storefront

Watch the video above for instructions and details on opening a shop. You can read a text walkthrough here.

Here are some important notes about applying for a shop: (**Please note that creating a shop does not mean you are approved to sell. Please upload items for review**)
-- Your goods must be handmade by you or considered top quality vintage/antique (more than 20 years old).
-- Please fill out your shop details completely. 
-- Upload 1-3 product listings with high quality pictures so we can review your goods for approval. To transfer listings from another site, .csv transfer is explained here.
-- Feel free to send us an e-mail to if you would like to give us any details or information about yourself and your goods. (not required)

Please note: if you do not complete all steps we will not be able to process your application and you will not be able to sell!

→ Check out more details about what we're looking for to help guarantee your place.

**Keep in mind that the e-commerce section of CraftFoxes is new so we're only letting in a limited number of sellers at this time.**

We'll be accepting more and more sellers as time goes on so please don't give up hope.

-- The CraftFoxes Team

Por Espanol: Las instrucciones para abrir una tienda en CraftFoxes