Seller Guidelines

Marketplace Guidelines

Here at CraftFoxes we have a vision to create a special place for crafters, artists, hand makers, admirers, and those eager to learn. Our marketplace is part of that vision and we are looking for individuals to join us that are passionate about what they make and love what they do. If you are interested please take a few minutes to read what we are looking for below. 

 ** We are limiting the number of sellers we are taking on during this early stage in development. We will be accepting more and more sellers as time goes on so please don't give up hope. 

The obvious: 

- You must be 18 years of age.    

- You must agree to the terms of use. 

- Keep your content family friendly and in good taste. 

- Please be polite and respectful to us, the community, and your customers. 

What we are looking for in a seller and their goods: 

- Your goods must be handmade by you or considered top quality vintage/antique (more than 20 years old). We support hand makers here at CraftFoxes! 

- We are looking for high quality, well made, unique items. We want items that will make us say wow! 

- We are looking for hand makers that have a variety of goods but if you make very special, time intensive items we would love to have you! 

- We are looking for active, passionate, and helpful sellers. We are working hard to make CraftFoxes a great place and we want you to help too! We want someone who will be responsive to our questions, will share their ideas, and generally are excited about the experience. 

- We expect listings to be well written, thought out, and grammatically correct. You are not only representing yourself but us too with your listings. We understand that some may not be native English speakers and that’s ok! We will spend the time to help you get everything in order. 

- We expect product pictures to be as professional as possible. Please no dark, fuzzy, or cluttered photos. We want high quality pictures that showcase your products for how amazing they are. Pictures should be at least 450 x450 pixels but they can vary in height. We provide Pic Monkey picture editing when uploading to make it easy to make your pictures look the best they can. See example of a good picture here.

If any of our guidelines are unclear please feel free to contact us at and we will spend as much time needed to help you. 

Applying for a Shop

By creating and submitting a shop for approval you agree to the terms of use and fee policy of 

To apply for a shop you will need to click the “create a shop” button on the bottom of you “edit profile” page. 

 · Please fill out your shop details completely. 
 · Upload 1-3 product listings with pictures so we can see what you make. 
 · Feel free to send us an e-mail to if you would like to give us any details or information about yourself and your goods. 

As an approved seller in the CraftFoxes marketplace we expect you to maintain the standard that originally made us fall in love with you and your goods. We reserve the right to remove listings or the ability to sell your goods in the marketplace if you do not represent yourself or CraftFoxes properly. If you need help or have any concerns we love talking, so please contact us! 

Now that all the boring stuff is out of the way, go and apply for a shop!