A "Jurassic Park" Terrarium

Posted by on Apr 16, 2012


Inspired by Susan Beal's 'Star Wars' Terrarium, we decided to make our own movie-themed terrarium, using the classic thriller "Jurassic Park" as inspiration.

Instead of Princess Leia and the other decorations that made up Susan's terrarium, we found small dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs, and placed them around our terrarium plants (we didn't need to insert bamboo skewers into our figurines, as they stand pretty securely on their own). Nonetheless, we followed Susan's basic terrarium instructions, which can be found here: http://www.craftfoxes.com/blog/making-a-star-wars-terrarium-in-the-world-of-geekcraft.

What other movies could create great backdrops for a terrarium? Send us more suggestions, or feel free to create a movie-themes terrarium of your own and upload it on the site.

Materials: Materials: One clear glass jar, an assortment of pebbles and rocks, charcoal, potting soil, moss, terrarium plants, dinosaur figurines.

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