10 DIY Felt Crafts

Posted by on Mar 26, 2011

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What’s not to love about crafting with felt? It’s cheap, easy to work with and photographs gorgeously. And it can be made into anything from teeny house pillows to lollipops. Get ready to be inspired with these 10 ideas.

felt house
Teeny Felt House
Cost: Under $10 a pop
Time investment: About 2 hours
Difficulty level: Easy

This teeny house can be used as a box or, if stuffed with Poly-Fil, a seriously adorable pillow. The process is similar to that of a gingerbread house: Just cut out house shapes and attach each piece together (with stitches, or in a pinch, glue). It’s just as cute with basic house features, but embroidered-on details amp up the personality factor.
Get a free house-shaped pillow tutorial from London Mummy!
felt softie chick
Crafty Chick
Cost: About $10 (felt, fabric, Poly-Fil)
Time investment: 1-2 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate

Know anyone who’s feeling a little blue? A funny little chick softie will cheer them right up. (The little wings, which I thought at first were angel wings, are the best part.) Or, just bookmark the tutorial for Easter.
Get the free felt chick softie tutorial from Molly Chicken!
felt branch necklace
Beautiful Branch Necklace
Cost: Under $5 (grommets, felt)
Time investment: 2-3 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate

Who says that necklaces always have to be made from beads, metals or gems? This one uses super-soft wool felt, individually cut, embroidered with monochromatic thread and pieced together with metallic grommets for good measure. And then, don’t be surprised if someone tries to buy it off of you when you go out.
Find super-soft 100% wool felt from Material Evidence Shop!
felt barrette
Sweet Hairdo Helper
Cost: About $2 each (for felt and barrettes)
Time investment: 20 minutes
Difficulty level: Beginner

Perfect for your nearest kiddie, these felt-covered hair clips are cute and comfy. And, by nixing the contrast stitching and going for a more subtle palette, the bunched-blossom style would be just right for a grown-up.
Get the free felt-covered barrette tutorial from Purl Bee!
blooming felt cocktail ring
Blooming Cocktail Ring
Cost: Under $5 (felt plus ring band)
Time investment: About 30 minutes
Difficulty level: Beginner

As much as we love them, big chunky gemstone cocktail rings can feel a little expected. But a soft bloom won’t go unnoticed in a sea of Forever 21-bought bling (don’t we all shop there?). Just hot-glue a felt flower to a ring band and you’re done.
Get a free felt rose ring tutorial from Cut Out + Keep!
scrap felt confetti
Confetti Felt
Cost: Free (if you have leftover felt scraps)
Time investment: Depends on the shape, but basic forms can be cut in seconds each
Difficulty level: Complete crafting newbie

Used as confetti or cute little embellishments, these little felt shapes are mindlessly satisfying to make. Just park yourself on the couch, put on your 30 Rock DVD and snip away.
felt lollipop
Everlasting Lollipops
Cost: Under $5 (felt, ribbon, lollipop sticks, Poly-fil)
Time investment: 10 minutes each
Difficulty level: Beginner

How great would these felt lollipops be for a baby shower? They might be mistaken for felt rattles, but that’s just fine, too. To make them extra-special, add a little dried lavender inside.
Get a free felt lollipop tutorial from One Inch World!
felt dandelion bouquets
Felt Dandelion Bouquets
Cost: Under $5 (pipe cleaners, yarn, felt)
Time investment: 20 minutes each
Difficulty level: Moderate (Because it can be a little annoying putting the petals on the stem.)

Humble dandelions look so much prettier in felt, don’t you think? Though getting the petals onto the stem is annoyingly time-consuming at times (they just won’t stay still!), having all of your shapes pre-cut will let you breeze through the other steps.
Get the free felt dandelion tutorial from Echoes of a Dream!
pushie felt deer
Yes, Deer
Cost: About $5 (felt, Poly-fil, embroidery thread)
Time investment: 1-2 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate

Try to resist the cuteness of this deer, I dare you. It’s like it walked out of a '50s illustration, possibly for a cocktail lounge.
Get a free deer plush pattern and tutorial from Craftside!
felt flora and fauna pin
Flora and Fauna Pin
Cost: Under $5 (felt, buttons, pin backing)
Time investment: About an hour
Difficulty level: Moderate (mostly due to the patience factor of cutting teeny details and working on a small scale)

A bright pin fastened to a tote immediately turns the mundane task of commuting or grocery shopping into a decidedly perkier affair. This one combines birds and blooms for double the cute factor.
Get a free printable bird template from Living the Swell Life!

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